The performance round of the American Idol finale is upon us. We’ve had a good time getting to this point, I think. I hope everyone remembered that the finale starts tonight and not tomorrow night. You might accidentally watch the final results show! Do these performances even have that much bearing on the final result?

Not to be all Randy Jackson about it but at this point, I think it’s still anyone’s game. For a long time I’ve been thinking Scotty had it in the bag, but after watching a lot of both of their performances (and duets together), I’ve realized that Lauren is a formidable opponent. They’re both really good, and when was the last time we had such a wholesome pair of finalists? Without going too deep into theories, I wonder if the finale will have less votes than last week when Haley was still around? You know, before a bunch of people decided they wouldn’t bother even watching the finale.

I like them both, and they’re both so talented and gracious. I think finale situations really bring out the worst in people (the internet) so I hope people can just support the people they like, even if they’re not in the running for the title anymore, and not beat up on the other contestants too much. 
Now there’s a rumor going around that Lauren Alaina may have lost her voice and that Haley is rehearsing to take her place? Or maybe I changed the channel to the VH1 Fuzzy Bra version of Showgirls? Uh, I wish. Nomi Malone would kill it in the American Idol finale.

They’re showing clips of previous winners as children, then winning, and then the final two as kids and I have chills. Jennifer Lopez is dressed as an aloe plant again, which makes everything feel better. Ryan is wearing a tux, and I guess Randy is wearing his dressiest ugly jacket.

Idolfinal2.jpgRyan tells us it’s the battle of Scotty vs. Lauren, the youngest finale match-up ever. The Southern Belle versus the Boy Next Door! Both equally charming. Ryan addresses the rumor about Lauren not singing, and Lauren says, “I’m here, I’m ready to sing, and I’m fine.” Then an awesome doctor confirmed that Lauren blew out one of her vocal cords.

Idoldoctorshesfine.jpgScotty McCreery is up first, singing “Gone” and not “Your Man” like I wish he would. “Gone” is good too, though. I wonder why Scotty didn’t take the pimp spot for himself. He’s probably not thinking like that.

Next up, Lauren Alaina is singing “Flat On the Floor.” Interesting choice for her. I don’t think it was her best, and this performance tonight isn’t her best either. She was singing full out in rehearsal and blew out a vocal cord? Is that just inexperience or nerves talking? Ah, I really don’t know enough to speak to this. Her voice sounds like it’s hurting, though.

I keep forgetting Scotty is 17. I always think he’s 19. Geez, he’s young. Scotty is singing “Check Yes or No,” because George Strait ordained that it be so. Scotty sounds great on this song. Good choice, George Strait! Wow, I complain a lot about the show being too long, but this show is really zipping by. It seems frantic. Maybe there are too many commercials. This show seems to have done away with the judges for good. Randy put on that special ugly suit coat for nothing.

Carrie Underwood chose “Maybe It Was Memphis” for Lauren to sing. She’s wearing a cupcake dress tonight (that’s kiddie pageant speak for a poofy short prom dress). Her voice sounds a lot better this round, though. She actually sounds really great when she lets her voice get more wispy and light at times. This was a great performance from her.

Laurencupcakedress.jpgRandy’s feedback is taking too long and is inconclusive, but he gives Scotty a “slight edge” for Round One, and a slight edge to Lauren in Round Two. Yeah, I’d agree with that. Ryan tells us “You cannot change the station now,” which I disagree with. Steven Tyler announces that he favors Lauren because she’s pretty. Randy is now harping a little too hard on the “in it to win it” joke he just realized he’s been making.

Oh, we’ve been rushing things along so we could premiere the Coca Cola song “that you helped write.” Thankfully, a tornado watch interrupted my viewing of this song but my sources (Henrik) tell me it’s crap. Good job, blossoming songwriters!

Alright, it’s time to hear Scotty McCreery’s Finale Single: “Love You This Big.” Aww, there’s videos of his Idol moments and him playing baseball in the background! I think this song hits all the right notes: it showcases Scotty’s baritone, talks about being young but being humble and in love. Would I download it? No, but I also can’t afford to spend $1.29 these days, you know? Mehh.

The judges loved it, and then Ryan interviewed Scotty with two microphones.

Scottytwomicrophones.jpgIs it just me or is tonight going by so fast that it doesn’t have its intended emotional impact? I guess I always end up feeling that way by the finale.

Lauren’s Winner’s Song is “Like My Mother Does,” and I wonder if the song references how similar they look, or maybe includes the lyric “I’m always going to dress like I’m thirteen, like my mother does”? Ahh, that was mean. Lauren’s mom did nothing to deserve that. Lauren’s voice is sounding much better until she gets to the high notes. Ryan escorted her down the stairs like it was her Debutante Ball. This is such a weird finale.

LaurensDebBall.jpgLauren and her mother are in tears, and it’s very sweet. The judges loved it, and Randy proclaimed “Lauren Alaina has arrived.” A little late, isn’t it? To arrive? Jennifer thinks that with that song, Lauren may have just won. I’m starting to wonder.

In the final thoughts, Randy, Jennifer, and Steven all give it to Lauren. I’m not surprised, as it seems like the judges have been Team Lauren all along. Will the voters also give it to Lauren?

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