We’ve got the answers! Or at least some educated guesses. We will find out on Tuesday! Tuesday, not Wednesday. Don’t miss the performance episode, only to tune in for the endless results show on Wednesday!

The contestants will sing a song they felt they sang best during the season, then a producers’ pick, and then a song to record. I’m not sure if it will be a cover they’re going to record, or a new song (a la “A Moment Like This”), but The Entertainment Lifestyle is saying each contestant has an original song written for them. I don’t know how I feel about that yet.

Let’s take a look at what the contestants are rumored to be singing Tuesday night (according to The Entertainment Lifestyle, with links to available YouTube videos of that song:

Scotty McCreery

Producers’ Choice: “Angels” by Robbie Williams
I’m not sure I completely understand this choice, but it will make sense once Jimmy Iovine works his magic and Scotty comes out with his guitar to country it up.

His Pick: “Your Man” by Josh Turner
Of course! It’s about time Scotty performed this song for real. It wouldn’t be Season 10 without Scotty McCreery lockin’ them doors and turnin’ them lights down low one last time. As a result, this song may haunt me for years to come. The video is kind of weird, and a little adult to pair with the virgin Scotty McCreery. From what I can tell, the plot is that this woman wants to have sex (make love) with Josh Turner but he won’t stop playing the guitar at her.

The Original “Winner’s Song”: “Flying High”
I don’t know what to say about this rumored original song, since none of us have ever heard it before. I assume it will be uplifting and within the country genre. I would like Scotty to record his cover of “Letters From Home” or “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.”

Lauren Alaina

Producers’ Choice: “Back to December” by Taylor Swift
While I agree with the Taylor Swift-Lauren Alaina pairing, I’m not sure this is the song that will win the competition for her. I can see Lauren doing justice to this song by America’s Treasure, though. Will they actually get to sing full songs this week?

Her Pick: “Like We Never Loved At All” by Faith Hill (and Tim McGraw)
It’s interesting that they both chose the songs they auditioned with. Lauren obviously did well with this song, so it will be a good face off. The song sounds a little similar to “Back to December,” though, so I’m hoping her original song will be something a little less somber.

The Original “Winner’s Song”: “Tomorrow’s World”
Tomorrow’s world? Why are the winner’s songs always so saccharin sounding? I wouldn’t mind Lauren Alaina recording her cover of “Anyway” by Martina McBride instead.

Okay, I guess the information we got was mostly if not totally wrong, and I’m not sure where “Flyin’ High” and “Tomorrow’s World” came from. Those are not it! Scotty and Lauren’s new singles are called, respectively, “Love You This Big” and “Like My Mother Does.” Both songs are a little creepy-sounding, but I’m sure they’ll be great when the contestants premiere them on Tuesday, and release them on Thursday, May 26th. At least Scotty isn’t the one singing “Like My Mother Does.” [Taste of Country]

Also, Idol Chatter is reporting that Carrie Underwood will choose a song for Lauren, and George Strait is choosing a song for Scotty. Um, amazing! If you’re a country fan, this is far superior to just seeing Reba for a second next to Blake Shelton on The Voice. Not sure yet if they chose the songs we’re hearing about or not.

Important Performances Featuring Lauren and Scotty Together:

It’s important to remember how far we’ve been with these two. This was my favorite performance of theirs, that I would like to see reprised in the finale–they both sound so good!

It’s also important that we remember this blunderful performance (feat. Denise Jackson)–especially its choreography.

We can’t end on that note. Let’s show them off to their best advantage with this duet of “I Told You So”:

Which song(s) or duet(s) would you like to see them perform again?

(images courtesy of FOX)

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