American Idol is going to Texas, which means Ryan Seacrest is at the ready with an arsenal full of “Keep Austin Weird” and “Everything’s Bigger” comments. Not that Texans would be offended, because they have big, weird, state pride. Plus, not everything is bigger, as this episode fits neatly into an hour. Thank you, Idol!

So let’s, “saddle up,” “take the bull by the longhorns,” and get “a little bit country,” we’re in Austin! Do you think that phone call Ryan was making to his “dad” was real? Do you think Marc Anthony is real? Did you know they made plaid shirts in chiffon? So many unanswered questions here in Austin.

Yeehaw! Hollywood Bound

Corey “My Sister is My Best Friend and Toughest Critic” Levoy: Well, his sister thought he was wonderful, and so did the judges. Randy gave it a “y’all heck yeah,” which doesn’t mean ANYTHING, RANDY. But Corey and his “J. Lo booty” are going to Hollywood.

John Wayne Schultz: SOLD! Come on, this guy is awesome–he’s a legitimate cowboy, which makes him legitimate sexy. He might not be the strongest singer, but I think he’ll last longer than 8 seconds in this competition. Can you deny that adorable family? Plus, things were getting a little desperate in the judging room.

JohnWayne1.jpgShauntel Campos, Alex Carr, Caleb Johnson: All three of these people made it, but weren’t interesting enough to follow around, apparently. But they made Day 2 “a party.” J. Lo pronounced there was something in the coffee. It makes people good singers.

Jacqueline Dunford and Nick Fink, another couple: Will they be an American Idol power couple, or will Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks from Nashville get back together and take the crown? I’m not sure it matters, or that they were good enough for the Top 20, but it was cute how much Nick loved watching Jacqueline sing. Why do some people get to audition together?

Idolcouplesoannoying.jpgJanelle Arthur: She was really pretty and one of the best we saw in Austin. Cute! She was followed by a giant armadillo that upset Randy. Even better!

Casey Abrams: My favorite person from Austin. He came in with a melodica and was jamming on that thing all day, to the bitter end. Who better to receive the coveted “last audition of the day” than this guy who’s just chilling and isn’t bringing any tragdy! His audition made Randy laugh it was so good. I love him and I want him to be my friend.

CaseyAbrams1.jpgKeeping Austin Weird

Hollie Cavanagh: It was a no for me, but she gave each key of “At Last” a shot. She also tried crying. They gave her a chance at another song, leaving us in the worst suspense of our lives during a commercial break. CAN SHE DO IT? Yes, for now. Enjoy that unnecessary plane ride, Hollie.

IdolHollie1.jpgObligatory Cowboy Montage: Texas, y’all! “Y’all heck yeah!” Howdy, howdy, honky tonk. Even Ryan wound up with some collateral belt buckle damage.

J. Lo’s sky-high bun and snatched face on Day 2. She always brings something exciting for Day 2 of auditions, doesn’t she?

Courtney Penry, the girl obsessed with Ryan Seacrest: In the words of Randy, “this is a joke, right?” Who’s that into Ryan Seacrest besides Ryan Seacrest? Also, she does a chicken … impression? She was just okay, but I guess her chicken won them over. She will see Ryan’s shining face again. Annoying. Way to lay down the law and say no, Randy. Keep it coming!

Idoljoke.jpgAw, Shoot. Y’all Ain’t Goin’ to Hollywood

Rodolfo Ochoa: He sang “The Circle of Life” like he meant it with every fiber of his being. That didn’t make it any better, though.

The Giant Armadillo: It’s a shame, because this was one of my favorite moments of the episode, and possibly EVER.

Idolarmadillo.jpgI’m surprised more people aren’t in this category, seeing how lackluster Austin turned out to be. I guess they just wanted to make quick work of the city. Still, J. Lo left saying, “great day!” and 50 people got golden tickets. We just didn’t get to see many of them.

Who were your favorites tonight? Giant armadillo: best thing ever?

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