Part 1 of the Reunion was really exciting, as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are quickly becoming a favorite of the franchise. I know you can’t wait for the second half, if you’re anything like me, because they’ll be confronting some even more serious issues like Camille’s soft-core porn past, Cedric, and Kim’s drinking problem.

If you want something that may bolster the “drinking problem” and/or “crazy” allegations, check out this video of Kim at the airport. She may or may not be drunk, and who knows what those pills are for, but she definitely knows (thinks?) she’s a STAR. [TMZ]

Did you hear that Kelsey Grammer invited Camille to the wedding to his new girlfriend? Allegedly, just so the kids can be there and she can watch them! That seems almost too foul to believe. Do you think she’d do it? [PopEater]

Let’s get to the goods, clips from next week’s Reunion Part 2!

First, Camille talks about her soft-core past. My favorite quote from this one? “I don’t profess to be a nun.”

The moment I can’t wait to see: Andy Cohen asks Kim about her drinking problem! We don’t get an answer, yet, but we do get to see Taylor deny any responsibility for anything yet again.

Are you excited for the conclusion of the Reunion? What do you think of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Hope they’ll come back for a second season?

(image and video courtesy of Bravo)

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