Behold, the very first preview for the next season of America’s Next Top Model!

I know you’re here for the video, so I’ll refrain from bothering you with too many words until after you’ve clicked “play” and soaked in its 31 seconds of glory. WATCH:

So: What did we learn?

  • The Jays are still into wearing cardigans.
  • The girls are still young, tall, beautiful, bitchy, weepy and stupid. (But not all of them or all at once … we hope.)
  • They still can’t believe this is actually happening.
  • They’re still having panic attacks and ruining their makeup.
  • They’re still doing stupid runway challenges … this time in giant BUBBLES! On WATER!
  • Hopefully untrained, KILLER bees!
  • Apparently Tyra is not on this season? (Ha! Right. In your nightmares.)
  • America’s Next Top Model premieres Wednesday, February 23 on the CW.

Also, thanks to the tweets of Jay Manuel, we’ve learned that this season, the finalists are heading to Morocco! Check out Jay Vogue-ing it up out in the beautiful desert:

jay_spoiler_location.jpgNo word yet on the 14 lucky models-in-training. But you can bet that as soon as we find out who they are (especially that awesome bee girl!), you’ll be the first to know.

(Image courtesy of the CW)