For a while I’ve been under the impression that Haley Reinhart had a lot of fans out there, but she’s been in the bottom three twice now, and just narrowly escaped elimination last week. It seems like only a matter of time before Haley goes, and I’m not sure this week’s performance was good enough to save her, despite the judges’ cries of “Haley’s back.”

This is the first week of performances that I felt like really ran the gamut. There were some great performances that gave me chills, some average ones, and some pretty bad ones. I’m still waiting for a real turd of a performance, from anyone, but there are definitely some contestants who are out-matched.
While she hasn’t been in the bottom three yet, I don’t think Thia will last long in the competition. Also, I think Paul’s time here is limited, despite better performances each week and a growing fan base. His iTunes/studio version of “Tracks of My Tears” was great, though. Three weeks in, I think this competition belongs to the boys and Pia Toscano. But that all depends on what kind of Idol America wants this season!

My prediction for the bottom three is Thia, Lauren, and Haley, with Haley going home. Lauren in the bottom three could be a bit of an upset, but she was really just OK this week and didn’t live up to her usual hype. Also, I’m not sure this competition can sustain both Haley and Lauren (because really, if you listen to them singing, you can’t really tell them apart very easily). Thia sounded better by leaps and bounds this week, but she isn’t one of the heavy hitters. Still, I’d like Thia to stick around because she has so much potential and with the right song she could be great. Haley just can’t seem to find her stride.

Another contender for the bottom three is Stefano Langone. He’s incredibly talented and rocks the higher register (he sounds a lot like Bruno Mars in that sense), but we’ve seen the same thing from him time and time again and he doesn’t seem to be very malleable, or consistent in the right ways. It’s possible that Scotty McCreery should be in the bottom, or near the bottom, but I don’t think we’re ready to let him go.

Who do you think will be in the bottom three? Who would cause the biggest upset?

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