After a grueling double leg in China involving completion of a large dinosaur skeleton, Jaime and Cara were eliminated from The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. We caught up with them and found out more about their experience the second time around and what they’re up to now.

What was it like going into the Race a second time against other returning teams?
Jaime: It was exciting and an honor to be invited back for such an amazing adventure!
Cara: It was really exciting! I was really surprised there were so many from our season, but it was cool to have an opportunity to run against teams that I have watched and admired in their seasons.

It seemed like there were a lot of factors that held you up in that final leg; what do you think slowed you down the most?
Jaime: The stopping for gas was really a killer. It took about an hour and that’s about how far we ended behind Justin and Zev at the Pit Stop … it would have been interesting.
Cara: Ultimately, the dinosaur task was our downfall. We had withstood and overcome a great deal of adversity that day, with the Double U-Turn and our cab driver getting lost and a gas stop, but when all is said and done, we arrived before the other teams and left after them.

What was your favorite part or challenge?
Jaime: I actually loved the yak. I am such an animal lover and I take a lot of comfort from them.
Cara: I loved being in the shark tank and we both enjoyed the skiff sailing in Australia.

We’ll miss seeing you on The Amazing Race, but what are you up to now?
Jaime: Since becoming a Playmate my schedule has been non-stop with travel and events, it’s been fun!
Cara: Work! Work! Work! I’m carrying a full time job as a government relations consultant and a law student by night. In addition to being a newlywed since last race, I am keeping quite busy!

What’s it like at Elimination Station?
Jaime: It’s great — massages on the beach and reading books all day … can’t complain
Cara: Elimination Station is a very special place. Of course each team is disappointed to be eliminated from the Race, but it is very cool to see how all the teams come together and prevail with positive attitudes. It is also a great intermediary between racing and the return to “real” life. Last race, we were racing in Hawaii one day and home the next! It was a far more difficult adjustment last time because we hadn’t had an opportunity to “come down” from the Race’s energy boost!

Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business?
Jaime: Given my competitive nature I think anything short of winning will always feel like unfinished business. Third times a charm?
Cara: Definitely! I think any team, but the winners, will undoubtedly feel that they have more to prove out on the course. Jaime and I have never doubted that we could win the Race and until we accomplish it, we’ll feel it is unfinished! Maybe they’ll give us another chance one day and we can prove that the third time really is a charm!

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