American Idol just keeps on changing. The latest reports are that, for the first time ever, Idol may allow contestants in the finals to tweet their reactions. Also, after Hollywood Week, 60 contestants or so will face “Vegas Week,” where the judges will presumably narrow them down to the Top 12. And then let the tweeting begin! []

All this, after the announcement of new judges, new nights, new format, and a new attitude. AND after doing away with the semi-finals, we’ve heard that the contestants will be performing with backup dancers, living in a house together, and receiving much less harsh criticism than contestants during the reign of Simon. What’s left to change? Here are my predictions for what else will change for Season 10 of American Idol. They are some of the best worst ideas I’ve ever had.

Instead of giving feedback, the judges will create a sandwich that reflects how they felt about a contestant’s performance. Then Ryan Seacrest must eat the sandwich.

The Top 12 contestants will ride into the theater on four-wheelers and BMX bikes. This ain’t your grandma’s Idol anymore!

The eliminated contestant will get slimed at the end of their final performance.

Now, in addition to singing, Idol contestants will solve crimes. Everyone’s a suspect in the new American Idol Murder Mystery Game!

For a special theme week, Harry Potter will be a guest mentor. Contestants must write original songs about how great Hogwarts is.

Special guest performance by the cast of The Jersey Shore!

The Top 10 sing with the American Idol All-Stars. Less singing, more dancing. Actually, all dancing, with a few different judges. And instead of American Idol we’ll call it So You Think You Can Dance.

How would you change American Idol? Or would you keep it the same old Idol?

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Carla Patton

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