Song choice, song choice, song choice.  The American Idol judges will not shut up about the freaking song choice.  The fact is, and always will be, that American Idol contestants are going to make incredibly poor decisions when it comes to what songs they sing.  Part of this is simply bad judgment, but we have to be fair – the contestants are often ham-strung by clearance issues.  From what former contestants have said publicly, the American Idol contestants are given a specific list of songs and are told to list their preferences in order.  But, they don’t always get the songs they want.  This season, Top 24 finalist Garrett Haley told the media that he didn’t get to sing any of his top 3 choices.  Just for fun, we decided to pretend that song clearances were no issue and choose the perfect song for each Top 16 American Idol finalist.  Today, we’ll look at the guys, ladies tomorrow.

This week, the theme is 80’s music, and we’re going to stick to that for this little exercise.  Just remember, I’m playing Supreme American Idol Dictator here.  These choices are presupposing that all songs from the 80’s are available.  Also, I’m not very concerned with whether the singers would ever really want to sing these songs or not.  I want them to sing them, and that’s all that matters.  

David Archuleta – “One Thing Leads to Another” by The Fixx

Archuleta has wowed the audience two weeks in a row, but he hasn’t rocked.  Not that he’s the kind of guy who needs to rock, but It’d be nice if he kept varying his approach.  He can do the ballad, he can do the cheesy pop song.  This Fixx tune isn’t hard rock by any means, but I think his voice matches the lead singer’s well enough and Archuleta could pull off another crowd and judge-pleasing performance. 

Danny Noriega – “(Pride) In the Name of Love” by U2

Noriega is the love/hate guy this season (unless Archuleta takes over that crown at some point, which he might).  The thing is, he’s got a really good voice.  He needs to show off his range, both in genres and with his voice.  The U2 song is one that Danny could perform with a non-offensive personal bent on it, while showing off the big voice. 

David Cook – “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses

I would have recommended Cook try a non-rock song this week, but he made it clear last week that he wasn’t going concerned with pleasing the judges.  He’s going to try and please America.  Now that he’s the only male rock singer left in the competition, he just needs to choose the most rocking song each week and kick some ass.  Since the genre is 80’s, you really can’t pass up GnR. 

Michael Johns – “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen

We know Johns can sing Freddie Mercury, so why not go back to the well after a sub-par week and show America why you’re so highly touted?  This is a great song, a great singer’s song, and Johns might be the only guy in the competition able to sing it credibly.

Luke Menard –  “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield

Luke’s voice is weird – a little nasally and thin.  Rick Springfield is right up his alley.

David Hernandez – “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye

Hernandez, with his great voice and boring personality, needs to always pick incredible songs – he’s not going to impress anybody otherwise.  This is probably the best R&B song of the 80’s not recorded by Michael Jackson. 

Jason Castro – “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel

This seems right up Castro’s alley. He needs to ease into performing on stage without his guitar, and this is a good song for that.  And, who doesn’t like Billy Joel? 

Chikezie Eze – “If This is It” by Huey Lewis and The News

Chikezie made a great song choice last week, but if he wants to make any noise in this competition, he needs to branch out.  It would bring me great joy to see the burly black man sing some Huey Lewis.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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