The good news (for me at least) is that I just watched an advance copy of the episode. The better news is that “Like a Virgin” is well worth the seven-week wait.

UPDATE: The bad news is that the CW has postponed the return and this episode will now air February 4 instead of January 28.

The return of Supernatural brings everything fans love about the show. There’s hilarious comedy, emotional drama, a great guest star and huge revelations about the show’s overall mythology. There’s a lot of big stuff I’m not allowed to talk about, but here are just seven reasons to get excited for this week’s brand-new Supernatural.

The Road So Far

One of my complaints about the season 6 premiere was the lack of a “Road So Far” montage set to a classic rock song. Luckily the show brings it back to remind you of everything that’s happened so far this year, and it’s quite exciting.

Bobby, The Voice of Reason

The way Supernatural handles the newly resouled Sam is interesting, but if you’re like me, you’ll be in total agreement with Bobby’s assessment of the whole situation. As always, Bobby is right and everyone should always do what he says.

Dean and the Virgins

Dean is obviously a fan of the ladies, but his reaction to the fact that all the victims of the latest case are virgins is a bit surprising.

Cas and Sam

Castiel and Sam share one scene together, but it’s a big one that includes an awkward and very funny moment as Cas tries to show his true feelings about Sam’s return.

Dr. Visyak

This episode introduces a new character, a sassy female medieval expert who has a past with Bobby Singer. Her short scenes instantly make her one of my favorite guest stars and I hope the show will bring her back.

The Sword

We all know that Dean is a champion, so it makes sense that he should have a giant sword. In this episode he gets the opportunity to get one and the result is quite possibly the funniest scene Jensen Ackles has ever done.

A New Villain Rises

Supernatural has a great track record of scary villains with big master plans. They’ve had Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer and Crowley. In this episode, a new foe joins that illustrious list of Big Bads, and the reveal will leave fans very intrigued.

Check out Supernatural Friday, February 4 at 9pm on the CW. To discuss Supernatural all the time join our new Facebook page.

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