Sometimes good looks are genetic, so here are our 25 hottest father-son combos on TV.

#25 Tyler and Richard Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries

Mayor Lockwood died far too young, but it was obvious that being a werewolf wasn’t the only thing he passed down to his hot son.

#24 Ben and Bill Henrickson, Big Love

Bill’s three wives are proof that he’s a real family man and lady pleaser. It’s also obvious that his son picked up some of those charms, which explains why Bill’s third wife Margene had a thing for him.

#23 L.J. and Lincoln Burrows, Prison Break

Lincoln was certainly a manly man, so it’s a bit odd that his son was a little gawky, but still kind of cute.

#22 J.D. and Joe McCoy, Friday Night Lights

Joe wasn’t the world’s best dad, but he was still good-looking, as was his sweet and innocent football star son.

#21 Logan and Aaron Echolls, Veronica Mars

Sure, Aaron slept with and murdered his son’s girlfriend, but he also gave him his movie star good looks, so it wasn’t all bad.

#20 David Breck and Michael Mancini, Melrose Place

If you want to know if both of these guys were hot, just ask Sydney Andrews, who slept with both of them. Of course you’d have to go back in time and ask her before she was found dead in the pool.

#19 Keith and Richard Watson, Desperate Housewives

As Keith’s dad pointed out, he’s far more age-appropriate for Bree, but as handsome as he is, Bree still made in the right choice in going for the younger Keith.

#18 Tim and Walt Riggins, Friday Night Lights

It’s clear that Tim got his ability to sweet talk the ladies from his dad, who may have been an absentee father, but he could still charm the pants of a woman. Literally.

#17 Dawson and Mitch Leary, Dawson’s Creek

When Dawson’s dad tried being in an open marriage while teaching at Dawson’s school, it’s surprising he only dated the film teacher and not a student.

#16 Ephram and Andy Brown, Everwood

The sweet and adorable Ephram certainly inherited strong traits from his equally sensitive but far more rugged dad.

#15 Connor and Angel, Angel

The vampire and his son were both hot commodities, especially for Cordelia who made time with both of them.

#14 Ryan and Frank Atwood, The O.C.

Ryan was always the brooding, hot guy from the wrong side of the tracks, and we learned where he got it from when we found out his dad was Hercules.

#13 John Connor and Kyle Reese, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Thanks to time travel, father and son were roughly the same age, and both were good-looking young men. It makes sense since they are the saviors of the world.

#12 Stefan, Damon and Giuseppe Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

The Salvatore brothers are hot enough to make up for even the ugliest of dads, but luckily the flashbacks prove that the patriarch of these two vampires is James Remar, the older hunk who used to seduce Samantha on Sex and the City.

#11 Kyle and Tom Baldwin, The 4400

Chad Faust and Joel Gretsch made a very special hot father-son duo on this sci-fi series about people with special abilities.

#10 Jess and Jimmy Mariano, Gilmore Girls

Jess was the brooding bad boy of Stars Hollow, and when he finally reconnected with his dad, we saw where those looks came from.

#9 Dan and Rufus Humphrey, Gossip Girl

This is one of those rare instances where the dad is way hotter than the son, but Lonely Boy still gets all the ladies. Who knew chicks were into literary nerds?

#8 Clark and Jonathan Kent, Smallville

Casting Bo Duke as Clark Kent’s dad was a perfect way to ensure that all Kent men were equally good looking.

#7 Kyle Trager and Adam Baylin, Kyle XY

The boy with no belly button finally learned his real story when he met his brilliant and hot biological father.

#6 Liam and Finn Court, 90210

We’re not sure how the male model good looks of Liam came from the brawny hotness of his dad (played by Gilmore Girls star Scott Patterson), but we’re not complaining.

#5 Jaime and Alex Vega, Cane

Before he was a werewolf on The Vampire Diaries, Michael Trevino was the sexy son of the equally suave Jimmy Smits on this short-lived drama.

#4 Lucas and Keith Scott, One Tree Hill

While Keith wasn’t technically Lucas’ father, he raised him as his own and was a better dad and better-looking than his fratricidal brother Dan.

#3 Silas Botwin and Lars Guinard, Weeds

Silas slowly grew into his handsomeness, but his blonde hair never quite fit with the rest of his family. Then we met his real biological father in season 6 and suddenly it all made sense.

#2 Eli and Rick Sammler, Once and Again

This sweet, sentimental show was full of strong relationships. Not only was it great TV, but it also had great eye candy for women and their daughters courtesy of Billy Campbell and Shane West.

#1 Sam, Dean and John Winchester, Supernatural

The pair of incredibly hot monster hunting brothers were spawned by the tough yet sensitive John Winchester, a man who clearly gave all his best genetic traits to his boys.

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