Hello, Bones fans!  I feel as though it has been way too long since our last meeting, but not to worry. Our beloved show is finally back, and with all the spoilers swirling about for the upcoming episodes, I for one cannot wait to get the rest of this season rolling!

Oh, but I must not get ahead of myself! Let’s talk about this week’s delightfully disgusting episode, “The Body in the Bag,” shall we?

Booth and Brennan Bag the Killer

Yes, I did just use that cheesy pun that was aired in the promo but just roll with it please. Now, this week’s victim was one Jenny Yang who was found dead and disturbingly decomposing in the shower of a girl named Paisley Johnston.  

Since some of you must clearly be wondering how she got there and what she was doing there, allow me to shed some light on the matter. You see, Paisley belonged to a very materialistic circle of girls who Jenny so desperately wanted to be friends with, but when Paisley wouldn’t ever give her the time of day and ignored her friend requests on Facebook, Jenny decided to turn up the heat.  

I’m on fire with my cheesy puns this evening. But, let’s get back to the case.  

Knowing that Paisley bought counterfeit handbags from Mama Liu, a woman Jenny was very close with, she decided to tip off the cops on the whole operation, perhaps trying to get Paisley in trouble in the process.

Then, she slept with the cop in charge of the counterfeit bust, Eric Anderson (again most likely in an attempt to be more likely Paisley and her friends), but when she suddenly realized that her tip to the cops and what she was doing was betraying Mama Liu, she tried to change things. And that’s when everything bottomed out.  

You see, she tried to coerce Eric into arresting Paisley instead of Mama Liu, but Eric was reluctant because they’d already had the whole bust planned out, and, of course, if he had done it Jenny’s way, he would have missed out on that big bonus of his.  

Moreover, when Jenny threatened to tell his boss that he had slept with her, and he saw the potential of losing his family and his job, Eric got angry and subsequently killed Jenny in Paisley’s shower. Swell guy, right?  

Clark Gets Emotional

This has to have been my favorite episode with Clark in it ever! After so many episodes seeing him hold everything in, we all knew he was going to have to let loose sometime, and boy did he ever, all to our viewing pleasure.  

From asking Cam if she was still dating her gynecologist boyfriend, to humming, to saying that Hodgins and Angela would make bizarre but amazing parents, and even confessing that he worked for the NSA one summer, Clark sure was busy in this episode.  

Also, he totally scores major points from me for saying that he thinks Booth and Brennan will end up together in the end despite the whole Hannah predicament and the potential emotional fallout from that situation that could be cataclysmic. You tell ’em, Clark!     

Baby Hodgela

Wow. How cute were Angela and Hodgins in this episode? At first when Angela expressed her concern about raising their baby in Hodgins’ house and told Hodgins she wanted them to have their own place where they could make their own history, I wasn’t quite sure what that look on his face meant.

But, of course, it’s Hodgins, and knowing how much he truly loves Angela, I suppose I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was when he gave Angela the key to their new place (Paisley’s old house) to which she responded that that was the craziest and sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her. Oh, I just love them!

Oh, but who could forget the cutest moment of all? Angela gets an ultrasound, and she and Hodgins get a glimpse of their baby! Also, given the fact that they kept referring to the baby as a “he,” is it safe to assume that Angela’s having a baby boy? I certainly thought so, but what did you think? Comment below!  

Brennan and Hannah, BFFs?

So, I guess I was foolishly hoping for a much bigger fallout from Booth telling Hannah about Brennan’s confession than the one we actually saw. For me, that’s what’s so hard about not liking Hannah most times in that she is always so chill with everything Booth and Brennan related.  

I mean, the fact that she did blow off Brennan a few times in this episode made me mad, but then it was revealed that she just did it just to spare her feelings, and the two were all chummy again, going out for drinks and everything. So, once again, we were back to this “Hannah can do no wrong” sort of vibe, especially in Booth’s mind.

Now, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this, but I’m looking forward to the suspicion and the lies. I mean, really. Bring on those seeds of doubt, Bones writers! We’re ready. And, along those lines, mad props to Sweets who just keeps pushing Booth’s buttons. Keep it up, Lancelot!  

Next week’s episode

All right, my friends, get ready because next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be a good one. Booth going up against the sniper from his past? Oh, yes, things are most assuredly going to get pretty heavy, so who better to lean on for support than your trusted partner, Booth?  

Well, anyway, if you want a little sneak peek of what to expect from next Thursday’s episode, take a look at the video below, and, as always, comment away with your thoughts on this episode, next week’s episode or anything Bones related.

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Nicole Bessette

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