In its final season, ABC Family’s Greek is pulling out all the stops. Tonight’s episode, airing at 9pm, is quite simply the most entertaining hour of television the show has ever produced, and it’s all because of Beaver.

Greek is taking a different direction with the episode as it’s all about the lovably dopey Kappa Tau brother, Beaver. From beginning to end, the episode follows a day in his life as he goes on a mission with Casey, highlighting just how little about this guy fans really know. Here are just seven of the many reasons to catch this episode.

The Theme Song

Even though Greek‘s opening credits are just five quick seconds of a guitar, this episode has a little something extra in the theme song, and the result will leave a smile on your face long after you hear it.

Mocking Glee

Greek has always featured spot-on modern TV references, and this episode includes a pointed and funny dig at Glee‘s always predictable plot points. There’s also a cool references to the Real Housewives franchise, proving that these college kids actually watch and talk about TV shows college kids watch.

Casey and Cappie

The college sweethearts are destined to be together, and this episode supplies some crucial information about their relationship, and it comes from the unlikeliest of sources.

Rusty and Dana

The lovable nerd couple encounters a huge milestone in their relationship, and it’s all due to that self-healing wire they’ve been working on. What happens after their big moment will probably make fans either uncomfortable or happy, depending on how you feel about a very strange possibility.

A Fist Fight

Any good episode of Greek has comedy as well as some emotional drama, and things get extremely heated when two characters get into a fist fight. The two people involved aren’t surprising, but the reason for the fight isn’t what you’d expect.

Heath’s Secrets

Even though it’s all about Beaver, the episode also features a big moment for another minor Kappa Tau brother, the openly gay Heath. His big scene should make fans love him even more, and there’s also plenty of his equally awesome sister, Heather (pronounced heether).

Aaron Hill

The best part of the Beaver-centric episode is, of course, Beaver. Aaron Hill has also been great comedic relief, but in this episode the actor gets to show off more layers of Beaver’s personality, including his family life, his plans for the future, his friends outside the fraternity and even his surprisingly insightful advice. It’s a credit to Greek that a minor character could take center stage and really pull it off.

Catch “All About Beav” tonight at 9pm on ABC Family.

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