Rule #1: Don’t disappoint Volkoff unless you want a bullet between the eyes. And then an eyeball removed. Gross. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up.

Goin’ Rogue

“You are such fun,” says Volkoff to a leather-clad and newly brunette Sarah as she points two guns at him. After last week’s plan to embed her into Volkoff Industries as a double agent, it’s her opportunity to convince Volkoff that she’s the real deal.

Volkoff’s intrigued by her skills, but Mary Bartowski isn’t sure of her intentions. Thus, he proposes that Sarah prove herself by breaking Yuri out of prison. Out of surveillance, Mary tells Sarah that Yuri is Volkoff’s number-one bodyguard who knows something about Hydra, the entire group’s infrastructure. It’s a suicide mission (“He eats people,” Volkoff cackles), but Yuri could be important in taking down the organization so Sarah’s on board. 

Don’t Drop the Soap

Chuck’s an inmate! He’s rocking the orange jumpsuit (the face tat, not so much), but they’re there to help Sarah bust Yuri out of prison. Casey and Morgan take Chuck down to integrate him with the other prisoners as Morgan starts talking up Chuck’s badass-itude. They leave him to have a good old fashioned prison fight while they distract the other guards.

Chuck finally spots Yuri sitting down, and after calling him out and getting thrown on a ping-pong table (among other painful-looking blows), he finally takes Yuri down with a weight to the face. Several times. “Top dog!” he yells triumphantly. 

(Side note: Did anyone else hope they would break out into a dance routine a la the dancing inmates in the Philippines?) 

Bang, Bang … Dead

Sarah successfully brings back Yuri, but Volkoff isn’t happy and down goes Yuri with a bullet in the noggin. Cleanup on aisle one, Phyllis. But what of Hydra? Well, Yuri didn’t just know about Hydra; he was Hydra! 

Volkoff fishes out an eyeball and inserts it into a contraption. He shows Sarah and Mary how he communicates with his people (aka the heart of Volkoff Industries) and then smashes the eye. No problem, however, because he downloaded the system into a more secure backup location. 

Falling Slowly

Casey gets a text from Sarah. Except it isn’t Sarah but Volkoff with one last test for his new recruit. Her new mission: Kill Casey. They stage a fight (since Volkoff is watching), and Casey tells her to push him through the window onto a platform 40 feet down. 

With Chuck watching (he followed them thanks to Morgan’s uncanny text reading skills), Sarah produces one final punch, and Casey falls as planned. But the scaffolding gives way and he falls all the way down to the ground leaving Chuck wide-eyed in confusion.

Random Observations and Questions to Ponder

– Does anyone else eat Cheetos (or Fritos) while watching The View when they’re feeling blue?

– Grunka?! No offense to anyone that names their child after an IKEA product, but that was mighty clever of Ellie to get Devon to decide on a name. I quite like the sound of Clara Woodcomb.

– Sarah and Chuck’s tonal language: She either loves him or is planning on buying a Buick.

– Morgan and Alex seem to be going strong. He’s almost ready to tell her those three magic words. And he didn’t even care that she wore his limited edition Back to the Future shirt!

– Who knew prison guards were so fond of birthday cake? Happy birthday, Steve!

– I loved that a guy comes up to test Chuck’s top dog status almost immediately.

– Did anyone else find Chuck’s finger kiss to Sarah’s face adorable?

– Is it even surprising that Casey is so good at playing Risk?

– Mama Bartowski tries to tell Sarah that it gets easier. But does it really?

– Casey! In the hospital! Previously believed to be indestructible, Casey seems to be in bad shape. Will he get the chance to tell his daughter that he loves her?

– Finally, how long will Sarah decline Chuck’s messages?

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