Did you watch the “Queen of Jordan” episode of 30 Rock? It’s a must for Real Housewives fans, as the episode is filmed and edited as Queen of Jordan, Tracy Jordan’s wife’s series on Bravo. The episode was fun, even for those who aren’t very familiar with the Housewives, but there were lots of hidden treats for those of us who have watched and enjoyed The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, and New York City.

The episode had electronic-cigarette-smoking psychics, table flipping, and a strip aerobics studio. Liz Lemon uses the infamous Caroline Manzo simile, “thick as thieves,” and Angie Jordan is releasing a single (“My Single is Dropping”). Oh, and that strip aerobics studio belongs to “Randi” former Delaware call girl, who is a lot like Danielle, and the single release party is being planned by D’Fwan, who is definitely Dwight. Have a look for yourself with this two-minute replay of the episode:

Other references include Randi and D’Fwan’s argument over whether or not Randi “said it” in Atlantic City, Jenna’s alcohol problem, Liz Lemon yelling, “let me talk, I am talking, will you let me talk for once?” and lots and lots of wine throwing. It’s a brilliant and loving homage and you can watch the whole episode here. I am so glad they did this episode!

Did you watch it? What was your favorite part?

(image and video courtesy of NBC)