Every show has its shippers, fans who are obsessively invested in a relationship between two characters. But the best shippers have cute nicknames for the pairs they root for. Here are the 16 best shipping nicknames on TV.

#16 Hodgela on Bones

Characters: Jack Hodgins and Angela Montenegro
These two are great together and Hodgela is pretty fun to say, but the only thing we’re worried about is that it sounds more like something Hodgins would find under his microscope than a romantic pairing.

#15 Charah on Chuck

Characters: Chuck and Sarah
We love Chuck and Sarah, so while Charah is cute, was it really the best they could come up with? I suppose Suck or Shuck would be a little too off-putting.

#14 Stelena and Delena on The Vampire Diaries

Characters: Stefan and Elena, Damon and Elerna
In its short time on the air, TVD has already divided fans over which of the two incredibly hot vampires Elena should choose, causing two separate but equally valid nicknames. However, I can’t help but think that they both sound like the names of contestants on America’s Next Top Model.

#13 Clois on Smallville

Characters: Clark and Lois
The fact that Smallville has a character named Chloe only makes this nickname that much more confusing, but I guess since Lois and Clark are always going to be together, it helps to have a shorthand for them, and this beats Lark.

#12 Romber on Survivor

Characters: Rob and Amber
Not only did these two meet on Survivor and play the game together to the end, but they got married and have proven that Survivor’s relationship success rate is about even with The Bachelor.

#11 Chair on Gossip Girl

Characters: Chuck and Blair
Chuck and Blair have a severely strange relationship, filled with manipulation, plotting and power plays, so it’s kind of hilarious that their union is given such a silly and ordinary nickname.

#10 Huddy on House

Characters: House and Cuddy
This nickname is so perfect that I often mistakenly think it’s actually Lisa’s last name on the show. It just sounds right, even if they do have serious problems as a couple.

#9 Naley on One Tree Hill

Characters: Nathan and Haley
These two have survived as a couple since the beginning, overcoming plenty of obstacles. And their nickname is as cute (and just a little naughty sounding) as they are.

#8 PB&J on The Office

Characters: Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert
When Kevin thought Pam Beesly and Jim were dating, he came up with this perfect nickname, and even though she’s now Pam Halpert, PB&J still fits them.

#7 MerDer on Grey’s Anatomy

Characters: Meredith and Derek
A rhyming nickname is always smart, and the fact that it’s so similar to the word murder is perfect since that’s what I feel like doing to these characters every now and then. But at least it’s not as disgusting as what happened when George and Izzie teamed up to form Gizzie.

#6 Tiva on NCIS

Characters: Tony and Ziva
It may not be a cult, sci-fi show, but the Tiva fans are as rabid and rambunctious as any you’ll find, and their nickname for the romantic possibility is quaint and charming, like something you’d use to record programs on your TV.

#5 Jate and Skate on Lost

Characters:Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Kate
One of the most heated battles among TV fans in recent memory came between the Jaters and the Skaters. There’s a simplistic, melodic sound to both nicknames, much better than when Jack started getting close to Juliet, forming a third ship called Jacket.

#4 Speidi on The Hills

Characters: Spencer and Heidi
Yes, they are awful people, but Speidi is a very cool nickname, and by combining them into a single name, it saves time in sentences like: I can’t stand Speidi.

#3 GSR on CSI

Characters: Gil and Sara
Those CSI fans are pretty darn clever, taking letters from Gil and Sara’s first names to refer to them by the acronym for gun shot residue. How can you not love them?

#2 Puckelberry on Glee

Characters: Puck and Rachel Berry
There are many couple nicknames on Glee. Furt is Finn and Kurt, Blurt is Blaine and Kurt, Finnchel is Finn and Rachel, Santittany is Santana and Birttany and so on. And while they’re all somewhat amusing, the delectable sounding Puckelberry is, hands down, the most entertaining one.

#1 Caskett on Castle

Characters: Castle and Beckett
Not only do these two have some of the most ardent fans, but they also have a perfect nickname for a show about murder. Combining their two last names creates a wonderfully ironic nickname for a couple so full of life.

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