In BuddyTV’s 2007 Fall TV Guide, we diligently went through all the new shows to uncover the common trends of the new season. The three main trends we found fall into the following categories: Canceled, but Not Forgotten, Revenge of the Nerds, and Chucks, Trannies, and “Young Folks.”

If you’re anything like me, there’s a hole in your Tuesday night viewing schedule where Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars used to be. But never fear, because even though those two great shows are gone, their casts and creators live on all over the new fall TV season. Here’s a quick rundown of where to get your GG/VM fix.

For Gilmore Girls, the big names are Scott Patterson (Luke) showing up as the father in Aliens in America and Melissa McCarthy (Sookie) who puts her sassy best friend routine to work in Samantha Who? With these two shows airing on the same night, Monday is the new Tuesday for Stars Hollow lovers. It’s even got Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) posing as one of the Heroes. For more fun, Viva Laughlin stars Madchen Amick, who played Christopher’s other baby momma, Sherry. Gilmore Girls patriarch Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) will be visiting Seattle Grace Hospital in a recurring guest role on Grey’s Anatomy.

If you care to look behind the scenes, Gilmore originator Amy Sherman-Palladino has a new midseason show called The Return of Jezebel James, co-starring Scott Cohen (Max Medina), while her showrunning replacement, David Rosenthal, has a new job as a staff writer for Men in Trees.

Veronica Mars offers a slightly more satisfying buffet for its fans. The biggest news is that Kristen Bell is finally breaking through with a recurring role on the smash hit Heroes, but she’ll be pulling double duty, providing her trademark snarky voiceover work for Gossip Girl. Meanwhile, Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) will show up as a vampire on Moonlight. Moving down the Veronica Mars star ladder of fame, third season regular Chris Lowell is, of course, the new object of desire for cougars everywhere on Private Practice.

Downwards to memorable guest stars, Alona Tal (Meg Manning) is a series regular on Cane, Kyle Secor (Jake Kane) will have a recurring role on Women’s Murder Club and Patrick Fabian (Professor Hank Landry) has a recurring part as yet another duplicitous college professor on Viva Laughlin. If you want the main man himself, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas recently signed on as a consulting producer for Big Shots. In the words of true Veronica Mars fans, “Rob Thomas is a whore.”

Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are gone, this is something we must accept. However, thanks to so many of the cast and crew finding work on new shows, it’s almost like they never left.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV
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