Today’s episode of The Young and the Restless begins with Cane still comforting Jill.  She rehashes seeing the paramedics take his body away.  David and Nikki arrive at the athletic club to find out what happened to Ji Min.

Jack, who seriously does not work at all, is at home with Sharon.  He gets a call from the reporter who was supposed to interview Ji Min.  Now everybody knows that Ji Min is dead, but Sharon wonders if this is a big prank, or if he had a pre-existing heart condition.

After the opening credits, we find ourselves with Jana and Kevin in the hospital.  The doctor is about to give them the story on how Jana’s surgery went, and the two prepare themselves for the news, making a reference to Wuthering Heights in the process.  I can guarantee you that Kevin has never read Wuthering Heights.

After the break, the doctor reports that they successfully excised 99% of the tumor.  The doctor is very pleased with the results.  There’s a slim chance that the tumor will grow back, but he’s altogether happy with her prognosis.  Curiously, Jana had BRAIN surgery, and she still has a full head of thick, brown hair.  All that is wrong with her is a teeny little scar on her left temple.  How did they take the tumor out?  Through the side of her head with a suction?  Come on, at least wrap her head in a bandage or something!  The Young and the Restless obviously does not make any attempt to make the medical stuff realistic.

Nikki muse upon the vicissitudes of life and death, quoting Robert Harrick’s poem “To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time.”  David isn’t too concerned about the reporter leaking Nikki’s story.

Jill realizes that she has to tell Ji Min’s parents the bad news.  His parents live in Korea, and she doesn’t know if they even speak English.  Cane offers to call them for her because she doesn’t want to leave the club until after the CSI team finishes up their investigation.

David and Nikki approach Jill to offer their consolations.  Jill lashes out at them, however, because she knows that neither of them liked him very much and wanted to stop him from going through with his tell-all.

Back at the senator’s mansion, Sharon makes sure that Jack wasn’t really going to go through with strong-arming Ji Min to keep quiet about Jabot.  She’s probably afraid that Jack’s threat is what killed him.  But Jack, rather unconvincingly, says that of course he wasn’t going to.  Sharon still looks worried.

Jack tells Sharon that he’s going to have his secretary clear his schedule so that they can go and give condolences to Jill in person.  Excuse me?  Clear his schedule?  I bet the man doesn’t work a full ten minutes on any given day!

Kevin and Jana cuddle together on her hospital bed.  They are planning to buy motorcycles and go on a cross-country road trip.

David approaches the reporter to remind him that everything he told him earlier about Nikki is strictly off the record.  The reporters says that it’s a shame because it’s an intriguing story, but David glares at him threateningly.  Victor, who is probably the last person in Genoa City who doesn’t know about Ji Min, walks into the club and finds out from Nikki what happened.

After the commercial break, Victor observes that everything turned out quite advantageous for Nikki.  She accuses him of being heartless.

Colleen visits Kevin at the hospital and is happy to find out that Jana’s doing well.  Okay, there are some other people who don’t know about Ji Min.  Colleen tells Kevin and Jana.  Jana takes it hard, given her brush with death as well.

Jack and Sharon arrive at the club.  They offer their condolences and say kind words, but Jill doesn’t receive them well.  She calls Jack a truly loathsome man.  Cane joins Jill’s side and tells them to get out.

Colleen talks to Jana about about the future.  Jana isn’t in good spirits.  She’s not allowed to wash her hair because she can’t get the incision wet.  Which is funny because she practically has no incision.  Jana is worried that she doesn’t look pretty enough for Kevin, so Colleen takes out her makeup bag for gal-pal session.

The reporter, who really cannot act, tries to ask Katherine questions about Ji Min, but Katherine won’t give him the time of day.  That old bird is really growing on me.  She’s a much better matriarch than silly old Stephanie Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.  The detective interrupts because she wants to ask the reporter questions, but the reporters says that he can’t say anything without giving away his confidential sources.  From across the room, Nikki and David see the interaction.  David has shredded all the copies of the statement he prepared for Nikki, but he hasn’t erased it from his hard drive.  David takes out his lap top to delete the evidence as we cut to commercials.

The detective learns the preliminary results from the CSI team.  She tells Jill that part of his larynx and trachea were crushed, meaning that he couldn’t scream or breathe and he suffocated to death.  Hm, looks like Amber is not quite out of the clear on this one.

Colleen leads Kevin into Jana’s room blindfolded.  He is very pleased with Jana’s transformation.  But to me, she looks exactly the same, except with her hair covering the scar on her temple.  Kevin starts talking about all the plans he has for them, but Jana has to rain on his parade.  She tells him that they can’t do any of it because she’s never getting out of the bloody nuthouse.  She had been researching her particular situation and she knows that the tumor can grow back.  She is eaten up with guilt for having tried to kill Colleen and Kevin.  She doesn’t want to take any chances of going crazy again and attempting to kill the two of them.  She tells Kevin tearfully that she can’t ever be the love of his life.  She wheels herself out of the room.  Kevin is still in denial, but Colleen wonders if it’s all an act and Jana is still playing them.  Colleen thinks that Jana might be doing this so that she doesn’t have to go to jail.

Jill finally deduces that Amber could have been the one to crush his windpipe.

Victor threatens Jack and Sharon that he will go to the authorities with information about Jack’s visit with Ji Min before his death.  Man, I kind of love Victor because he is so badass.

Next time on The Young and the Restless:  Jill wants Victor tell on Jack about Jabot; Nick is banned from visiting Phyllis in prison.

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