CBS’ Jericho has yet to premiere its highly-anticipated second season, but fans have been getting a continuous dose of the series, thanks to the show’s highly interactive website, regularly updated production blog and Friday night reruns.

Tonight, fans will get the opportunity to chat with executive producer, Dan Shotz.  He is expected to log on to the show’s official chat room at 8pm ET/PT.  While talking with Shotz, fans can also watch the episode “One if By Land.”

Although Shotz will be free to take questions about Jericho, fans should not expect to get a lot spoilers for the second season, as the entire cast and crew have been working hard to keep spoilers from proliferating.  Even on Jericho‘s official fan community website, fans are asked to refrain from posting spoilers, and are instead encouraged to share their speculations about the upcoming season.

The show’s production blog, The Salty Scoop, provides visitors with on-the-set pictures and continuously updated entries on how production is progressing.  Actor Brad Beyer, who plays Stanley Richmond in Jericho, posted an entry late last month, thanking the fans for their support but keeping mum about the show’s second season.

“I can’t thank all the fans enough for bringing us back, all of you did a great job and we are all so [grateful],” Beyer said in his post.  “Since starting the new season there have been some real interesting developments in the story, none of which I am able to divulge!  Guess you’ll have to make sure you watch!!!”

Co-producer and unit production manager Rick Tunnell posted a similar entry, saying, “Thanks to Jon Steinberg for thinking of this story, I couldn’t be happier here.  I am reading the outline for [episode] 6, wow! They have threatened to take away my internet privileges if I reveal anything… On Jericho, we are all fans.  Thank you so much for Season 2.”

According to the blog, the crew is close to wrapping up production on episode 5.  No official statements have been made about the exact premiere date of Jericho‘s second season, though Lisa Schultz, assistant to executive-producer Carol Barbee, let slip in a recent blog entry that the series will air “on CBS in the spring (or maybe sooner!).”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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