So apparently Whitney Cummings has somehow advanced from obscure semi-talented comedian to TV pilot mogul in just a few months. Why and how? Don’t ask me! All I know is the would-be witty brunette has gotten two pilots she created on the air: the aptly titled Whitney, based on her own life that I know we are just dying to find out about, and 2 Broke Girls, about, well, two broke girls who work as waitresses at a diner.

2 Broke Girls season 1 stars Kat Dennings as the sassy Max, who has to hold down two jobs to get by but knows how to bake the best cupcakes in town, and Beth Behrs as the sophisticated Caroline, who comes from a rich family but finds herself in a rough spot that forces her to take a job as a waitress.

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What to Expect on 2 Broke Girls Season 1

Can you already smell the hilarity ensuing? While Max thinks at first that Caroline is just another incapable bimbo whose screw-ups she’ll have to fix herself, she comes to realize that this particular trust fund baby has more tricks up her sleeve than expected. And Caroline realizes that Max isn’t just a foul-mouthed street kid but that her talent for concocting cupcakes could actually mean money. And so the unlikely duo teams up, as they would only on TV, in the hopes of getting a lucrative cupcake business off the ground.

Yes, Whitney Cummings created it; yes, there is laugh track; yes, this is yet another odd couple story about privileged white people in New York; yes, yes, yes. 2 Broke Girls season 1 has, however, a lot going for it. First, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are both talented and likeable and will be more than able to draw in an audience.

Then there is Executive Producer Michael Patrick King, who also produced Sex and the City and thus knows how to turn a shallow premise into something that can occasionally have substance. And the critics who have seen the pilot so far have been pretty optimistic about the show’s outcome. Many of them even say that 2 Broke Girls season 1 is the best new comedy of the fall.

What do you think, gentle readers? Will Kat Dennings be enough for you to tune in? Will the laugh track bother you enough to tune out? Will the premise turn you off, or are you banking on the characters to be funny enough to make you want to hang out with them every week for half an hour?

If the latter is the case, your first rendezvous is on Monday, September 19, at 9:30pm, when 2 Broke Girls season 1 premieres on CBS.

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