Season 5, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 8/19/2012
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From HBO: "Slipping further into religious fervor, Bill gives Jessica an order she’s loath to carry out. Armed with a damning video of Russell and Steve, the military delivers an ultimatum to the Authority. Claude and Maurella take Sookie to meet the faerie elder, who may know something about an ancient family secret. Alcide reconnects with his father; Sam and Luna hitch a ride into the Authority."

‘True Blood‘ Recap: Faeries vs. Vampires

The war is on! Last season True Blood featured a war between the vampires and the witches, but this season its all about the faeries. Russell Edgington strikes first blood while at Vampire Authority HQ, everything is heating up. And there‘s another Veronica Mars star to replace Tina Majorino‘s Molly.
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