Teen Wolf was a huge hit at San Diego Comic Con 2014, but few actors on the show inspire more ardent fan love than Dylan O’Brien. Even though star Tyler Posey cartwheeled on stage for the panel, the roar when O’Brien took the stage was deafening. A girl asking O’Brien a question even broke down into tears.

At Comic Con 2014, O’Brien was a rock star, but newbie Shelley Hennig held her own. The two sat down with reporters after the show’s packed panel to talk about the Stiles and Malia relationship, that pesky secret Stiles knows, and just what’s in store for our favorite new lovebirds as season four unfolds.

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Check out the full interview below: 

Interview Highlights:

  • What’s next for the characters? Apparently Stiles and Malia experience their first fight. 
  • Hennig describes it as adorable. “You’re going to love it,” O’Brien says. “I mean we break up and it’s violent, but you’re going to love it.” 
  • It’s the first bump in the road for the couple, so we’ll get to see how they handle it.
  • Hennig thinks Stiles would be the last person Peter would want Malia to date.
  • Stiles doesn’t get why they keep Peter around because he’s crazy and violent. He doesn’t know it’s a show and Ian Bohen is a great actor they want to keep around. 
  • O’Brien says he loved playing Dark Stiles, it was a really fun thing to try, although he wishes he could get another try at it.
  • He loves playing a human on the show. He thinks the Dark Stiles arc was perfect because they got to tamper with Stiles, but then revert him back to a human. If Stiles turned into a supernatural creature then everyone would be on the show.
  • Stiles is teaching Malia how to evolve as a human. They become a team.
  • “We have a work relationship and a home relationship and we separate them very well.”
  • We will learn a little more about Malia’s backstory, but that’s all she can say. 
  • Dylan O’Brien guessed who the Benefactor was in the fourth episode of the season. “I could have just guessed Roger and then they wrote in a guy named Roger,” O’Brien said of whether or not the Benefactor was a character we already know.
  • The Stilinski family finances makes the characters more relatable, these things sometimes get lost in supernatural shows. 
  • They love all the stuff about Malia suddenly having to understand math. 
  • Hennig and O’Brien would both like to do more action and more physical stunts.
  • “Going into season five, this could be our last one, so I just hope its everything that the show is. Focus on the relationships, and maybe some action.”
  • Dylan loves the idea of Stiles dodging behind Malia and letting her take care of the action. “Go, baby, go!” 

What do you think? Are you excited to see more of Stiles and Malia? Do you like them as a couple or are you looking forward to a breakup? Plus who is the Benefactor? Share your theories in the comments! 

Teen Wolf‘s fourth season airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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Morgan Glennon

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