In last week’s episode, Hoyt got revenge for his mama by helping Violet meet the true death, Tara made what I presume was her last ghostly appearance, Eric was finally healed by Sarah’s blood and Bill refused to drink the cure because someone told him that martyrdom is all the rage.

In this week’s episode, “Love is to Die,” Bill is insistent on meeting the true death, but a last minute twist may change his mind. Meanwhile, Pam’s life hangs on Eric’s decision, and the show wraps up one of its major love triangles. Read on to find out if the ninth episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.

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Sookie and Jess are not Impressed

The episode opens with Sookie and Jessica reacting to Bill’s decision. Jessica is just furious, pure and simple, but Sookie wants an explanation. When Bill fails to give her one, she slaps him — twice. Eric stops her before she can get a third slap in and sends Bill away with a warning not to mention Sarah to anyone.

But before Bill leaves, Jessica asks him to release her. I have to admit, as little as I care about Bill’s fate, I always liked his relationship with Jessica, so this moment gets to me. Bill releases Jessica, and Pam — yes, that Pam — comforts her. It is such a small thing, but it is my favorite moment of the episode.

Eric Plays Marriage Counselor

Eric decides to do Sookie a solid by trying to talk some sense into Bill about his true death wish. Eric first explains that he was just like Bill when Pam found him dying of Hep-V. He knows that the disease destroys your spirit as much as your body, but Bill says it is not like that. He wants to die so Sookie can finally be free of him and have the life she deserves. Eric rightly points out that Bill should listen to what Sookie wants instead of making her choices for her, but Bill just rambles on. Eric is eventually won over by Bill’s quest to die for Sookie and he even agrees to talk to Sookie for Bill.

Eric pays Sookie a visit to convince her to let Bill explain his reasons for wanting to meet the true death. Eric tells Sookie that Bill is doing this for her and she will understand if she just hears him out. I have my doubts about that, but Sookie agrees to give Bill a chance to say his peace. Eric then offers Sookie a lift home, by which I mean that he flies her to her doorstep. Sookie invites him in, but Eric has other storylines to tie up so he wishes her a good night. I hope we get at least one more scene with these two in the finale.

Pam, You Better Not Die

Pam spends most of this week’s episode chatting up Sarah Newlin. Pam gets the Yakuza guys to bring Sarah up from the basement dungeon so she can fix her hair. I do not know why this is necessary, but it makes me wish we had more scenes with these two because they are delightful together.

After Pam glamours Sarah into keeping quiet so she does not have to work around her gag, Pam tells Sarah that she reminds her of someone she used to know. This woman, Mary, used to work for Pam at her whorehouse. Mary thought she was too good to work as a whore, but Pam was quick to let her know that this was not the case. Pam goes on to say that they are going to sell Sarah’s blood to infected vampires because Nu Blood is not a permanent fix, and that Sarah could very well become the highest paid whore in history. Sarah does not seem thrilled by this news, but I doubt she will survive long enough for any of that to happen.

But things become serious again by the end of the episode when Eric returns to Fangtasia and finds Pam in the hands of the Yakuza. Gus has rigged up a staking device and he threatens to kill Pam if Eric does not stop lying to him. With Pam’s life on the line, Eric finally admits that Sookie knows about Sarah. Gus asks Eric for Sookie’s address, thus setting up one last battle for the finale.

One Triangle Resolved

Hoyt and Brigette are arguing over Hoyt’s connection to Jessica when everyone’s favorite red-headed vamp stops by for a visit. After Bill released her, the only person she wanted to see was Hoyt, but she also wants him to know the truth about their connection, so she tells him their story. Later in the episode, Jason shares the same story with Brigette to help her make sense of her break-up with Hoyt. As Jason explains, Brigette had the poor luck of falling for a guy who already found the girl he was meant to be with.

So as Hoyt and Jessica officially reunite, Brigette helps Jason learn how to not have sex with a girl he likes. Instead, they merely share a bed for sleeping and some deep conversation. Jason tells Brigette that Hoyt may not want kids, but he does, and Brigette tells Jason that any daughter of his would be lucky to find a guy like him. It is hard to care about Jason’s new relationship since we have known Brigette for all of five seconds, but it is nice to see him happy. Here’s hoping Jason and Hoyt can renew their friendship in next week’s finale so this can be a truly happy ending.

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Other Happenings

— Via flashbacks and a letter he left for Sookie, we learn that Sam decided to leave town with Nicole after all. He does tell Sookie that he loves her, though, possibly as a nod to book fans who wondered where the show would take the Sam-Sookie relationship. Sam also leaves a letter for Andy to let him know that he is resigning as mayor.

— Lafayette and James are still going strong, though we still do not get to see much of their new romance. Jessica and James clear the air about the circumstances of their break-up, and Jessica is glad that James is happy with Lafayette. Me too, Jess, though I would be happier if we had actually gotten to see some of that happiness.

— Arlene and Keith are also going strong, despite taking things slow because they cannot have sex due to Arlene’s Hep-V positive status. Perhaps someone can let Keith know about Sarah’s blood-cure so he can become immune.

— After years of waiting, Ginger finally gets her night with Eric, though it does not take the whole night as one would suspect. Instead, Ginger and Eric have possibly the shortest sex scene in the history of this show, as well as one of the weirdest. Yet Ginger seems perfectly pleased and falls into a blissful sleep after they do the deed. But the most shocking part about this scene is that Ginger is surprisingly quiet in bed. Or in throne, anyway, as Eric’s throne is her choice of location for the act.

— Sookie and Arlene have another great heart-to-heart in this week’s episode. Sookie is shocked that Arlene is happily dating a vampire, but the conversation turns into a downer when Sookie tells Arlene that Bill is dying. Sookie asks Arlene how she keeps starting her life over after so many losses. Arlene says that “it helps when your ex-husband comes to you in a death vision and tells you to,” but it is mostly about deciding that you want to move forward. Sookie also admits that she held back in her relationship with Alcide because she could not let go of Bill, and she says she does not want to do that again. If Bill does meet the true death, I hope Sookie sticks to that and lets herself move on from him.

— “Cry on my jacket; you’re paying for it, sweetheart.” — Pam says during her attempt to comfort Jessica. Did I mention that this is my favorite moment of the episode?

What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? What did you think of the Ginger-Eric sex scene? Are you happy Hoyt and Jessica reunited? Are you upset Sam left town without saying goodbye to anyone? Next week is the series finale. How do you hope the show ends? Is there anyone you would like to see make an unexpected appearance in the final episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The series finale of True Blood airs next Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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