In last week’s episode, Eric and Pam teamed up with Mr. Gus to find Sarah, and Sarah revealed that her blood is the key to curing Hep-V. Back in Bon Temps, Violet kidnapped Adilyn and Wade, and Sookie and Jessica learned that Bill has Hep-V.

In this week’s episode, “May Be the Last Time,” Sookie reaches out to two familiar faces in her quest to save Bill, and Jason reunites with an old friend. Read on to find out if the seventh episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.

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Nu Blood

Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus interrogate Amber as to Sarah’s whereabouts and how she was healed. Amber refuses to tell them where Sarah went, but she does reveal that Sarah’s blood is the key to curing Hep-V. During the interrogation, Eric’s illness makes him hallucinate Sarah in Amber’s place, so he stakes her.

But the information they get from Amber gives Mr. Gus an idea. He wants to capture Sarah and use her blood to synthesize a cure. His company will then release this “Nu Blood,” thereby saving the vampire population and his company’s reputation. Gus wants Eric to be the spokesperson for this new blood synthetic so they can prove to the world that the cure works. Eric eventually agrees to the deal, though it is safe to say that he does not plan to honor it.

Mr. Gus uses his company’s resources to track Sarah down, and the episode ends as Eric and his allies arrive at Sarah’s location. Will Eric be able to table his revenge plans long enough for Sarah to cure him? Will Mr. Gus betray Eric and Pam before Eric can get the cure, or will Eric go back on his word the moment he has Sarah in his sights?
Sookie Needs a Miracle

Determined to save Bill from the true death, Sookie enlists Dr. Ludwig’s help. Dr. Ludwig examines Bill, and Sookie asks if her faerie nature is the reason the virus is advancing so quickly. Dr. Ludwig says that she had another patient who got infected through a faerie donor, but he was not as worse off as Bill. Dr. Ludwig asks about Sookie’s faerie bloodline, presumably because the strength of the bloodline determines how rapidly the disease will advance. When Dr. Ludwig hears that Sookie is Niall’s descendant, she rushes out of there like someone set the building on fire, so Sookie has to look elsewhere for a miracle cure.

Sookie turns to Niall as a last-ditch effort to save her first love. Niall returns, but only to give Sookie life advice, as he claims there is no way to save Bill. So Sookie decides to spend these last few days by Bill’s side. She dresses up in that familiar white nightgown and heads over to Bill’s for a sex-filled reunion.

Jason and Hoyt, Together Again

Hoyt makes a triumphant return to town with a gorgeous girlfriend on his arm. Jason drops everything and rushes over to Bellefleur’s the moment he learns Hoyt is back in town. But since Hoyt has no idea who Jason is, their conversations are a bit one-sided.

Jason takes Hoyt to see his mother and lies about Maxine’s involvement in the vigilante group. Jason also does his best to keep his eyes off Hoyt’s new girlfriend, since they have already been down that road once before. It will be interesting to see how Jessica handles Hoyt’s return and if Hoyt ever gets his memories back.

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Other Happenings

— We get more Bill flashbacks in this week’s episode, as Bill recalls the circumstances of his marriage. When Bill’s father learned he was dying, he asked Bill to marry the neighbor’s daughter for financial gain so their family would be taken care of after he was gone. Bill’s initial reluctance faded as soon as he met Caroline, and they fell in love. Are all of these Bill flashbacks leading up to his true death or are the writers trying to mislead us with glimpses of Bill’s first love?

Carrie Preston gets her first True Blood sex scene in years as Arlene dreams of Keith. But since Arlene is Hep-V positive, they cannot have sex in the real world. Luckily, Keith is content just to dance with Arlene and help mend the Terry-shaped hole in her heart.

Violet takes Wade and Adilyn back to her place for the night. She even lets them have a whole day of sexy fun — sans her impressive collection of sex toys — before she attacks them. But Jessica feels Adilyn’s fear and rushes to the rescue. Will Jessica be able to save Adilyn and finally get rid of Violet?

— Holly and Andy are out looking for their kids and having zero luck. Andy is feeling guilty that he could not protect Adilyn the same way he could not protect Holly when she was taken, but Holly comforts him. Holly tells him that they will get a happy ending because her intuition says so. I hope you are right, Holly.

— Sam is still trying to decide if he should leave Bon Temps with Nicole. Arlene tells him that the only way to make that decision is to answer the question of whether or not he could be happy in Bon Temps without his family. I would hate to see Sam leave Bon Temps, but it would be better than ending the series with Sam alone and miserable after Nicole leaves town.

— With Eric on her trail, Sarah is having hallucinations of her former lovers telling her that death is coming for her. These scenes probably do not need to exist, but I will take all the Anna Camp I can get, as I do not think Sarah will make it to the end of the series. I imagine a lot of people will be happy to see Michael McMillian’s Steve pop up in Sarah’s visions, but I think his exit last season was perfect, and I am disappointed that Steve’s declaration of love for Jason is no longer McMillian’s last scene on this show.

What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Are you happy to see Bill and Sookie together again, or do you think their romance was played out long ago? Did you enjoy Sarah’s hallucinations or Arlene’s dream? Do you hope Jessica takes care of Violet next week so we can move forward with a Jason/Jessica reunion before the series finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The final season of True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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