I'm Alive and on Fire

Season 4, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 7/17/2011
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From HBO: "Alcide helps Sookie hunt for Eric; Marnie searches for guidance to break a spell; Bill discovers a common bond with the Bellefleurs; Jason begs for liberation from Hotshot; Sam penetrates Luna’s inner circle; Arlene sees the writing on the wall; Tommy returns to his roots."

‘True Blood‘ Recap: Naked Men Fight Over Sookie

What‘s better than Eric and Alcide fighting over Sookie on True Blood? How about if they‘re both completely naked while doing it? Yes, this week, the ridiculous vampire soap opera is all about showing off Alcide‘s insanely ripped body when he comes to help Sookie with Amnesia Eric.After killing Claudine, Eric is drunk and giddy on fairy blood, and it also lets him walk in the sun. He runs away, so Sookie calls up Alcide to track him. Alcide proceeds to strip down to transform into a wolf, giving us a nice, long look at just how much Joe Manganiello works out.
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