Release Me

Season 2, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 8/2/2009
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Drunken Andy helps Sam escape from Maryann‘s clasp. Sookie uncovers the traitor. Sam confront Daphne to discover Maryann is a Maenad. Jason gets caught fleeing the L.O.D. church by Sarah. Eric overhears Barry‘s message to Bill and goes to Sookie‘s aid.

‘True Blood‘ Recap: Major Deaths and the 28-Year-Old Virgin

On tonight‘s episode of True Blood, a lot was lost.  In somecases, it was life.  In others, trust.  And for one lucky 28-year-oldsweet Bon Temps man, it was his virginity.At the Fellowship of the Sun, Sookie realized it was Hugo, Isabel‘scompanion, who was the traitor, which led Steve Newlin to interrogateJason.  A classic misunderstanding ensued because Jason thought he wasunder suspicion for banging the reverend‘s wife.
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