Sookie Stackhouse

Played by Anna Paquin

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) from "True Blood" is a barmaid who works at Merlotte's, a local bar in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie is unusual because she is telepathic. This ability to hear other people's thoughts was inherited from her grandfather and has brought Sookie much frustration and heartache over the years. She has found it difficult to get close to people, especially men, as she can hear exactly what they are thinking about her. Sookie is fearless and will fight bravely for those she cares about. Her brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and her best friend Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) are a great support for her, as is Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) the shape shifting owner of Merlotte's. Sookie was also very close to her grandmother Adele (Lois Smith), who was murdered by a serial killer in the first season. Sookie's life in Bon Temps begins to change drastically when a vampire, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), walks into Merlotte's and asks for a Tru Blood, a synthetic blood beverage made exclusively for vampires who have recently come out of the "coffin."

Almost immediately Sookie is enamored of Bill. One, he is a vampire and she has never seen one before and two, most importantly, Sookie realizes she cannot read his mind. After their first encounter, Sookie saves Bill's life from a local criminal couple who want his blood to sell on the black market. Vampire blood or "V" is a powerful narcotic for humans. They soon begin to develop a relationship and Sookie is drawn into the vampire world. A notable event for Sookie in her relationship with Bill is when she gives him her virginity. Because of Sookie's unusual gift, she has never felt comfortable enough with a man to become physically intimate, but all that changes when she meets Bill and falls in love with him.

As Sookie is the protagonist of "True Blood, " the series revolves around her experiences and relationships. In the first season, Bon Temps is plagued with a series of murders of young women. These women are all connected romantically to Jason. As a bit of a lothario, Jason has developed a reputation for being sexually promiscuous. Although lovable, Jason is slightly dimwitted and needs the assistance of his big sister to help him clear his name. Sookie ends up confronting the real murderer and with the help of both Bill and Sam, kills him.

Sookie's relationship with Bill puts her in the path of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), the Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana. Eric is handsome and powerful and becomes interested in Sookie's strange abilities. He is constantly plagued by his fascination for Sookie which he cannot understand due to her being human. Although she loves Bill, Sookie does seem to have an attraction for Eric as well. Eric's assistance is vital in the second season when Sookie must face a maenad, Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes), who seems to have taken control of Bon Temps residents and incited them into frenzies of insanity and lust. Once again Sookie uses her strange abilities, which seem to be evolving, and the help of her friends and family to defeat the villain and save Bon Temps. The question remains, what exactly is Sookie? Is she human or something else?

Best Quotes:

"I wanna look like I can kick some serious ass. Which I can."

"They took someone I love from me. I don't know about you, but I was raised to fight back."

"I am not gonna die cuz of your slutty girlfriend and a Mississippi pothole!"

"I ain't that blonde."