Hoyt Fortenberry

Played by Jim Parrack

Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack) is one of the few human characters from HBO's "True Blood". He works with Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) on a road construction crew in Bon Temps and for the first season and most of the second, lives with his overbearing mother. Despite his mother and her fear of vampires, he is tolerant of the new vampires in town.

When vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) 'makes' a new vampire, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), Hoyt falls in love with the redhead. Her character is a sweet religious girl that Bill was ordered to turn as his punishment for killing another vampire. Her turning was not voluntary, but under the direction of Bill, she attempts to retain her humanity and tries to live a normal life. Hoyt's mother, however, is horrified at the thought of her son dating a vampire, which puts a lot of strain on Hoyt and Jessica's budding relationship.

Hoyt and Jessica have an innocent type of romance; they stay up on the phone together every night, he reads her his comic books, and brings her flowers. Early in the relationship Hoyt says "This might sound kind of funny, but I was just sitting there thinking, 'How come you don't ever meet a nice girl, Hoyt?' And then you just walked right in". Jessica asked him "How do you know I'm a nice girl?" and he replied "'Cause of your smile, I guess. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they smile." They are both virgins when they make love for the first time in Season 2 although Jessica's state of virginity does become a problem when they attempt to make love a second time.

Best Quotes:

"I don't know what you heard but those were screams of pleasure!"

"You know I'm going to take everything you've said for the last two days, about me, about daddy and I'm gonna lock it up in a little box and I'm gonna forget it ever happened."