Bill Compton

Played by Stephen Moyer

Born William Thomas Compton (Stephen Moyer) sometime around 1935 and later a First Lieutenant for the Confederacy in the Civil War, Bill Compton was approximately 30 years old when he became a vampire. After the war as he was making his way home to his wife and three children, he met Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), a vampire who pretended to help him but instead turned him. Bill would see his wife only once more when he came home to say a final goodbye after the death of one of his children. She became hysterical when Bill cried tears of blood over his son's lifeless body. Lorena arrived and glamoured Bill's wife, explaining to him that this is why he cannot have relationships with humans, as it only brings them pain.

Bill returns to Bon Temps in season one of the popular HBO series "True Blood", after the death of his last living descendent as there is no one else to manage the Compton property. While trying to assimilate or "mainstream" after a century of vampire decadence, Bill meets Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) while she is working at Merlotte's, a local bar and grill owned by Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell). Bill is intrigued by Sookie at their very first meeting and even more so when she saves his life by chasing off a couple who drain vampires to sell their hypnotic blood on the black market.

At Sookie's house, Bill meets Adele Stackhouse (Lois Smith), Sookie's grandmother, who is interested in his memories of the war. She invites him to speak at the Bon Temps historical society meeting she is about to host. While he is there, Bill discovers a written family tree with Sookie's name circled on it. He intends to protect Sookie, so he takes the Stackhouse family tree home with him and hides it.

The people of Bon Temps believe that Bill might be a killer as women known to date vampires turn up dead in the parish. Vampires are a target because of their bloodthirsty nature and Bill experiences much discrimination in his pursuit of a "normal' relationship with Sookie.

Bill helps Sookie try to exonerate her brother, Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), when he becomes a suspect in the murder cases. As a result, Bill and Sookie end up in a bar called Fangtasia, owned by Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), Sheriff of Louisiana Area 5. Eric learns of Sookie's telepathic powers and calls in a favor demanding that Bill ask Sookie to use her power to discover a thief in his bar. After determining it is a vampire named Longshadow (Raoul Trujillo), the accused attacks Sookie, and Bill is forced to kill him to protect her.

It is a crime to kill another vampire, so Bill must appear before the magister (Zeljko Ivanek) for judgment and is sentenced to make another vampire to replace the one he killed. The tribunal has kidnapped 17 yr old Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) as the candidate. Bill reluctantly becomes Jessica's maker, thereby making him responsible for her indoctrination into the vampire way of life.

Bill is still an old fashioned gentleman at heart and proposes to Sookie at a romantic dinner at the end of season 2. Taking time to collect her thoughts and not sure how to answer Bill's proposal, Sookie excuses herself to the ladies room. When she returns, Bill is missing. The question is did he leave on his own or was he forcibly taken?

Best Quotes:

"Sookie must be protected!" ~ Bill Compton to Eric Northman after killing the vampire Longshadow, True Blood, season 1

"I am here to protect you. I am your friend. So you just invite me in and I can make everything stop." ~ Bill Compton to Eden, Jessica's living sister, True Blood, season 1