Andy Bellefleur

Played by Chris Bauer

Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) is the acting sheriff of Renard Parish as of the beginning of the third season of the HBO television show "True Blood." Prior to that he was the often intoxicated police detective assigned to investigate the series of murders that occurred during the first season of the show. While mostly drunk during the second season, he was one of the few witnesses to the mayhem unleashed by maenad Maryann Forrester on the town of Bon Temps. He is the cousin of Terry Bellefleur, a veteran of the Iraq War and cook at Merlotte's.

Andy's fate seems inextricably linked to that of Jason Stackhouse. During the first season of "True Blood, " Andy strongly suspected Jason of the murders of Maudette Pickens, Dawn Green, Jason's grandmother and Amy Burley. Jason was later cleared but when Miss Jeanette turned up dead and in Andy's car, it was Andy who was initially considered a suspect in her murder. During the second season, Andy had his gun and badge taken away by Sheriff Dearborne as a result of Andy's constant state of drunkenness. He and Jason bonded after the strange events initiated by Maryann, resulting in Jason ultimately shooting Eggs. His death is mistakenly and heroically attributed to Andy, leading Jason to blackmail Andy into helping him join the Bon Temps police department.

It seems likely that Andy's family once played a more important role in the history of Bon Temps. At one point, Bill seems to recognize and verify that the Bellefleurs were once a significant family. Andy himself brags that his family once owned the entire town.

Memorable Quote:

On being drunk and overworked: "I am not. Overworked."