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'Grimm' Season 3 Episode Photos

Official episode photos for Grimm Season 3.
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24 Future TV Stars Who Guest Starred on '24'

24 featured plenty of big names over its eight original seasons, but even more impressive were the guest stars.
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'Grimm': 16 Shocks and Sacrifices from 'The Law of Sacrifice'

Renard and Adalind must work with Nick and the rest of his friends to keep their baby safe, but in the end it takes an ultimate sacrifice to ensure baby Diana‘s safety.
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'Grimm' Recap: Operation Save Adalind's Baby

Adalind‘s baby is the hot commodity in "The Law of Sacrifice," as Nick and his mother are on their way to Renard‘s -- as is an FBI agent who‘s working for the royal family (didn‘t see that one coming).
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Welcome Home

Season 3 - Episode 16
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