The new primetime television season is right on our heels. If you’re looking for new shows to get hooked on, here are five that are currently available to stream. Catch up on all the seasons and tune into what happens in the fall.

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The NBC supernatural show, which is exclusive to Amazon Prime, didn’t gain its cult-like status overnight. After a bumpy season one where it was more of a strict procedural with Grimm fairy tales woven in, the show found its footing in season two. It gave us a deeper understanding into Nick’s life, gave us a more vested interest in the other core characters and soon, Grimm’s version of the Scooby Gang was born. Season three continued the strong pacing, story lines and characters and led to a climax that could turn the upcoming season upside down.

The Good Wife

Almost everything about this show is perfect: the acting, the writing, the directing. You can tell you’re watching an ensemble that knows what its doing. But in saying that, you want even more and to see their limits tested. This show has proven it’s not afraid to turn up the drama – or shock – factor. Even as it goes into its sixth season, the show hasn’t ever taken a step back. It helps that The Good Wife doesn’t follow other CBS shows where it’s a strict procedural. It does introduce and solve cases, but it also hooks you with season-long story lines that offer a payoff in the end.


Heading into the sixth season, this dependable NBC family drama has its eyes on the 100-episode prize. It tells the story of three generations of the beloved Beavermans played by pretty big-name actors and actresses. What’s been a treat to watch is how each season it becomes more believable that you’re watching an actual family – perhaps you find similarities with yours. The show’s strength lies in the timing: knowing when to be serious and when to be funny no matter what life throws at them. It returns for a final – and shortened – run, so don’t miss it.

American Horror Story 

jessica-lange-american-horror-story.jpgAre you ready to get freaky? That’s the storyline for the upcoming season titled American Horror Story: Freak Show, which will take place in 1950. Sure you don’t have to watch the previous three seasons to following along for the fourth, since each season stands alone. However, you should. You’ll gain the respect for cast for being able to transform into completely different characters each season (especially Jessica Lange.)

Sons of Anarchy 

The upcoming seventh season is the show’s last so you’ll want to be tuning in. While the show hasn’t sustained its excellence throughout their run (we’re looking at you, season 3), following an outlaw biker gang never felt this entertaining (although note: there is violence. Lots of it. It’s a motorcycle gang, what do you expect?) Add in Katy Segal’s consistent performances, a plethora of guest stars coming up (Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Lea Michele to name a few) and you’ll want to see how this story ends.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV