Grimm’s “My Fair Wesen” picks up where it left off last episode, when Nick brings “Trubel” home and meets Juliet. The episode feels a little slow because it’s a standard procedural, but because she’s involved, we get to learn more about her and see the storyline play out through her eyes.

Helping Out

Nick turns to Monroe and Rosealee to help Trubel become more acquainted with the fact that these two are not the trouble she’s encountered in the past. Monroe and Rosealee have a wedding they’re probably busy planning, but they were sorely missed in this episode. Lately, they’ve been a little shafted when it comes to plot. It’s felt like they’re only in scenes when Nick turns to them for help. And while that’s nothing new, at least they felt more involved in the process, and we learned more about what was going on in their lives. 

Anyway, Nick and Hank then take Trubel in a ride-along, where, in front of Wu, she says she believes it’s the work of a Wesen. A what?! Oops. She smartly backtracks that it’s a German word that Wu seems to take as truth. Later at the station, Wu was a split second away from possibly explaining his nightmares to Trubel, but he didn’t. Which is probably for the best since a police officer can’t tell someone he believes to be a student interested in the force that he’s having nightmares about demons. But it just shows that he is still having nightmares. Poor Wu.

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Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

Portland has their own version of the Bling Ring. Who knew? These girls work together to steal a ton of high-end items for their boss, a big bad guy who kills one of the girls after she gets caught (although she escapes).

Trubel proves herself very helpful in the case by observing two of the girls outside the home where Nick and Hank visit. They turn into Wesen. Nick and Hank don’t get much information by questioning, so Trubel takes matters into her own hands, demanding answers from the girl by pushing her against the house. Scared, the girl easily spills the beans, which sets up for the big stakeout.

Watching and Waiting

Trubel wonders how being cooped up inside a car watching people go by is fun, like Hank and Nick do. They observe and wait, with Hank correctly saying one woman is waiting for a man with whom she’s having an affair with. Two points for Hank.

Trubel asserts her assertiveness and fearlessness yet again when she quickly comes up with an idea to approach the woman (the “recruiter”) they’re all looking for: She pretends to be going around asking for change. After a chat with the woman, Trubel is invited to do a “job.” She sees Trubel as someone without a home who could use some help — perfect candidate to bring into their crime-ridden world.

The job, of course, is to steal more high-end stuff for their collection, but she has to meet the rest of the “family.” She gets prettied up in a fitting dress, heels and makeup, and she’s almost like a different person. Trouble arises when Trubel, being trapped in the middle of nowhere, tries to leave, but she’s forced to stay. When she resists, the guy turns into Wesen — and realizes she’s a Grimm.

More Trubel Ahead?

Not only is the guy bad, but the recruiter lady is as well. Trubel impressively is able to take both of them on for a little bit — but thank goodness that Nick and Hank come to the rescue after finding the address from a gas bill at the recruiter’s house.

With the case being taken care of, Nick expresses his worry that Trubel is going to get herself killed. Well, it’s his job to make sure she’s safe.

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