On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon, Caroline and Luke work together to hide Stefan and Elena from the Travelers. Tyler escapes and devises a plan to find Markos. Caroline is jealous of Elena and Stefan’s sudden closeness. Damon finds out the truth about Enzo.

Tyler emerges, and without Markos nearby to push him back down, he’s got the upper hand while his passenger, Julian, naps or whatever. Rarely, if ever useful, Tyler finally proves his worth by transforming into a werewolf and presumably taking down some Travelers as he makes his escape.

The Cabin in the Woods

Damon decides to use (and abuse) Luke to do a locator spell to find Enzo. Luke says he can find anyone anywhere, so something is amiss regarding Enzo. Stefan questions why Damon is looking for Enzo since he conveniently texted his decision to head to Cape Horn. I can’t imagine why this didn’t put Damon at ease. As far as he knows, Enzo’s humanity free with a big ‘ole grudge against him.

Stefan suggests that Enzo hired a witch to concoct a cloaking spell, and that would explain why Luke can’t figure out his whereabouts. Stefan says Enzo probably doesn’t want to be found, so Damon should just drop it.

Tyler heads straight to the Salvatore mansion and gives them a heads up regarding Markos’ plans. Damon orders Tyler to figure out where Markos is while he, Stefan and Elena take the most awkward road trip ever. With both doppelgangers in one place, Luke has a better chance of using magic to keep them off the Travelers’ radar.

The threesome head to Caroline’s dead father’s cabin. A perfect no-invite needed getaway. Elena is especially jumpy about keeping Enzo’s death a secret when in such close proximity to Damon. Elena insists they should have told him, and once again, Stefan questions whether Damon would unravel at the news. I think given years of bad behavior when things haven’t gone his way proves Stefan’s hypothesis. Screw Damon, try keeping a secret from Care Bear, that girl has a nose for news like a bloodhound.

Damon is exhibiting serious second thoughts about his “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Elena” policy. Elena assures him that between the cloaking spell and Stefan and Caroline’s watchful eye, she’s probably safe if he wants to bail. He questions if she’s kicking him out, and she’s just as non-committal as he is. Damon does tell her he regrets that Enzo came after her. Elena shrugs it off, but Damon says he’s going to hunt Enzo down, whip his ass and make him apologize in person. Elena has a sucky poker face which is bad news given Damon’s inherent mistrust. Methinks he’s beginning to suspect something.

Also creeping around the cabin and spying on its inhabitants is Enzo, and his attitude has not improved. 

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Time’s Running Out

Bonnie’s spending what could be her last days on earth making out with Jeremy, which would be my game plan. She’s still leading him to believe that Liv is on the case to save the Other Side. Grams makes an appearance to scold her granddaughter. She tells Bonnie that Jeremy deserves to know the truth. Things are not improving and “people” are getting swept away left and right.


Elena and Stefan debate the pros and cons of their current predicament. Stefan refuses to give Enzo the satisfaction of feeling guilty for killing him. Elena asks if she thinks Damon will actually just let it go and move on, and Stefan tells her he’s done it before. Enzo witnesses the entire conversation, and after the primary players exit, he makes the discovery that he has the ability to move things. Something that, if the Other Side wasn’t falling apart, would not be a possibility. This does not bode well for Elena or Stefan.

Caroline, fueled by insatiable curiosity and jealousy, suspects that Stelena are being secretive. She relays this information to Damon since she doesn’t really have any choice. She tells him she caught the twosome being all hushed and whispery earlier in the day. Caroline also points out that they’ve disappeared to the shed to get firewood and have been gone for 20 minutes. Damon says that Elena also got very cagey when he brought up Enzo.

Caroline’s real concern is that Stefan and Elena may be rekindling their old flame. Enzo isn’t even on her radar. Enter Stefan and Elena still attached at the hip.

One Body Short

Jeremy, Tyler and Matt, mainly Tyler, have decided to call Julian forth even though they have no idea if they’ll be able to get Tyler back. They’ve got him chained with wolfsbane and vervain at the ready. Matt uses the magic word – and poof – his friend is gone, and Julian’s back. I forget how Matt learned this skill: Nadia, Liv and Luke, Wikepedia?

As expected, Julian is not forthcoming about where Markos is, so he gets a big gulp of the herbal elixir. Julian isn’t really fazed by torture. He does let the cat out of the bag that Markos destroyed the knife. He also feels pretty confident that he’s safe because Matt won’t kill his best friend. What Julian forgets, is that Tyler has the power to heal, so Matt can get very aggressive with his torture techniques. Being stabbed in the gut twice has Julian singing like a canary. He says he doesn’t know where his leader is, but he can lead them to his body. He warns them that Markos doesn’t like problems, and Tyler escaping is a big problem. Julian guesses that Markos’ next move will be to move Julian into Tyler permanently.

As the Travelers set up their newest camp, Markos is in a foul humor. He chastises Julian’s wife for not being able to tell that Tyler had emerged. Her only hope of getting back in his good graces is to locate Tyler and make Julian’s presence permanent. He’s also frustrated at his inability to locate the doppelgangers. 

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Never Have I Ever

At the cabin, the freaky foursome are playing drinking games. Damon decides to try and find out what Stefan and Elena are up to through a rousing game of “Never Have I Ever,” a drinking game every college student has played in one form or another. The first round is cake, but Caroline goes in for the kill the second time around by implying the possibility that Stefan and Elena had sucked face during all their one-on-one time.

Caroline doesn’t get the definitive answer she’s looking for even though nobody drinks, and before the game is completely abandoned, Damon states, “Never have I ever lied about where Enzo is.” Nobody drinks. Did either Caroline or Damon think that these two would come clean because they feel bound by the rules of a drinking game? 

Enzo the Unfriendly Ghost

Elena abandons the game in favor of a hot bath where Enzo holds her under water. Damon bursts in, without knocking, and saves her from not dying. She says she couldn’t see anyone, but she could feel someone pushing her underwater.

Stefan calls Bonnie to get a status update on the Other Side. He questions if physical contact between that world and ours is now possible, and she confirms it is. This solves the mystery of the bath tub culprit. Caroline overhears (eavesdrops) on the conversation and finds out Enzo is dead. Enter Damon who now knows as well, thanks to Elena.

Instead of getting into all the gory details, Stefan suggests they table Enzo’s death and deal with what remains. They put their heads together and figure out that Enzo’s antics with Elena were just a distraction. That’s when they discover Luke is missing. Too bad they found out too late. Without their witch, Markos hones in on them right away.

Damon and Stefan hash out their differences while searching the surrounding woods for Luke. They find him in the shed, out cold and barely breathing. The place has been doused in some flammable liquid, and Enzo sets the place on fire. If they thought they could grab the witch and go, they were sorely mistaken. Enzo shuts them in and plants something sharp and pointy into Stefan. Enzo also tortures his former bestie. Damon promises that if he stops, Damon will find a way to bring him back. Given his limited options, Enzo lets the three escape.

Tough Luck, Tyler

Bonnie and Jeremy score the task of finding Julian’s body. All the Travelers’, currently wearing a Mystic Fall resident, bodies are hidden in a cave. Julian’s wife shows up with a few friends; take Jeremy out of the equation by shutting down his airway and take Julian’s body.

Since they failed in their quest, and there are no more knives, it looks as if Tyler will either a) Be a Traveler forever and automatically more interesting or b) Die in the finale.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

As the group gets ready to find a new safe house, Damon and Elena continue to deal with their relationship issues. It turns out the only reason Damon hasn’t gone all postal over Enzo is because of her. Then they share a kiss that is bound to only muddy the waters further.

Maybe if everyone hadn’t felt the need to engage in meaningful conversations, they would have had time to hit the road before the Travelers arrived.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 pm on the CW

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