The Grimm season 3 finale is appropriately titled “Blond Ambition,” as it deals with Adalind’s quest to ruin Nick’s life by drinking a potion that turns her into Juliette.

The move has a domino effect — on Monroe and Rosealee’s wedding day, no less. Everyone is a little changed after everything comes  to a crashing halt, and it’ll be a long summer to see how things get resolved.

Planting Seeds of Doubt

Adalind as Juliette is quite the acting job by Bitsie Tulloch, so kudos to her. You could totally feel in the way she spoke and in her mannerism that even though she looked like Juliette, Adalind was there underneath. 

New Juliette first goes to see Renard, telling him that she has feelings for him. When she starts kissing him though, things go awry because her face starts to change. That makes Adalind go back to rework her potion, but the seeds have already been planted because Renard could not be more confused. 

Adalind then calls Juliette to tell her that Renard’s been acting funny. Juliette wants none of it. It’s a busy day for her with the wedding. Later, Renard also calls Juliette to talk about what happened, but of course, real Juliette is confused. Poor Renard and Juliette, as they’re caught in Adalind’s web of evil.

Last-Minute Wedding Craziness

It’s nice to see Monroe’s family being so sweet after we saw them not-so-sweet recently. They’ve realized their shortcomings and could not be more happy to see their son marry Rosealee — including the fact that a Grimm is the best man.

Every wedding needs a drunk member of the wedding party, and here, it’s Rosealee’s older sister. She drinks too much wine and causes a commotion in the middle of the night before the big day — she hasn’t stopped drinking and is wearing Rosealee’s wedding dress with spilled red wine all over it!

As her older sister, she feels it’s her duty to not let Rosealee wear the dress, especially since she wore it for her own wedding — twice — and both ended with an unhappily-ever-after.

The next morning, Rosealee’s sister feels super bad about what happened — but no fret. Monroe assures her that he and Rosealee both hate the dress — and his parents ended up buying her a dress that cost over $7,000!

Something Is Not Quite Right

While real Juliette is out getting her hair done for the wedding, Nick and Trubel have a bonding session as they move the trunk he inherited in last week’s episode to the new location of the trailer.

This time allows Adalind to come into Nick’s home as Juliette. When he returns, she seduces him and gets in a quickie before they have to leave. But, “Juliette” leaves abruptly — and runs into Trubel, who definitely can sense something is off. Like when “Juliette” says she hates bacon, when literally she said she loved bacon the night before.

Going off her instincts, Trubel follows “Juliette,” who gets into a cab and the next second, she’s Adalind again. The confusion on Trubel’s face is priceless. We feel you.

Meanwhile, Renard figures out what Adalind’s been up to after Wu tracks down the storage unit under her mother’s name. So he heads to Nick house, and just when he leaves to go to the wedding thanks to Trubel finding out the location — he gets shot multiple times by FBI agent Weston who — yep — is STILL around.

A fight ensues with Trubel and she uses her machete to chop Weston’s head off. All in a day’s work for a Grimm. Now she’s off to the wedding to deliver the potion as the police come to the house for Renard.

They Do

On the way to the wedding, Juliette and Nick get in a fight over the fact that she found her lingerie on the floor of their room. She thinks he slept with someone else, while Nick seems to still be glowing over what happened with “Juliette.” They continue to talk it out — and figure it out.

There’s so much going on already, and there’s still a wedding to be played out. Rosealee is simply stunning. Nick looks like a Secret Service member in his black suit and sunglasses. Rosealee and Monroe both exchange sweet vows although it cuts to scenes of Trubel driving frantically and Renard being led away in the ambulance.

The Truth

At least the hell started breaking loose after the ceremony was over, right? Although I would’ve preferred it after the best man delivered his toast! Anyway, Trubel barges into the wedding venue — and everyone watching the wedding freaks out since they see she’s a Grimm. Trubel also freaks out because everyone’s Wesen. 

Everything quickly turns chaotic, with Nick losing his sunglasses and Trubel losing the potion as it shatters on the ground. Nick, Juliette, Trubel, Hank, Rosealee and Monroe escape together into a room, where Trubel fills them in on the details. Then, they make their escape in Renard’s SUV.

Renard, meanwhile, doesn’t seem dead as he’s coughing up blood. Adalind seems to be making her escape as she’s on a plane.

But the kicker is the fact that Nick isn’t able to see any of the people — Monroe included — turn  into their other self. Nick is no longer a Grimm. So that’s what happened once Nick slept with Adalind — she was able to take his powers away.

This, obviously, is a huge deal. Will Nick ever be a Grimm again? Does he even actually have to be, now that Trubel is around? Can he still be a detective and still help? Will Renard die? So many questions — it will be a long wait until season 4.

Grimm will return Fridays in the fall on NBC.

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