It’s the penultimate episode of Grimm titled “The Inheritance,” where a dying man — a Grimm — is searching for Nick. Meanwhile, Adalind is up to no good, and what she does looks like it will have a huge impact on the finale.
Wedding Stress

We get some solid Rosealee and Monroe time, although much of it centers around the last-minute stress of wedding planning. Deposits haven’t gone through, items might not be delivered on time, and Nick has yet to write his toast. Possibly.

Will he actually be wearing sunglasses so his Grimm identity isn’t revealed to Monroe and Rosealee’s friends? That remains to be seen. While their upcoming wedding is really exciting as we’ve been patient for awhile, it’s a little sad knowing that it might be a disaster.

Grimms All Around

It’s Grimm overload when a dying man — a Grimm — and his son come all the way from Pennsylvania to deliver the man’s trunk full of Grimm goodies to Nick. Except, it’s not so easy. The son, Josh, thinks his father is crazy because he knows nothing about his father’s identity. Since his father’s dying, Josh just wants to take him to the hospital, but Nick must be found first.

Staying hidden at a hotel doesn’t help. Especially when the father ends up killing one of the bad guys who were after them. Josh and his father make their escape safely, and the next day, Josh shows up at Nick’s house during the day. While he’s not there, of course, he gets the next best thing — Trubel.

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Weston Stirs Up Trouble

Meanwhile, the case of the dead bad guy comes to the Portland PD, and Renard, Nick, and Hank all realize they have to find Josh and his father because of who the dead guy is. There’s also footage showing the FBI guy Weston being around the scene as well.

But how are they going to find two men when they have nothing to go on? Enter: Trubel. She calls from the hospital where they’ve taken the dying Grimm, who told her that she must tell Nick he has a key. The key, that all-important thing in Grimmland.

Nick’s on his way to the hospital with Hank, so it’s like everything should go well — except that Josh took a call from Weston pretending to be a Portland PD detective and so he gave them the location of where they were!

What Does It All Mean?

Thankfully, Nick gets to the hospital first. He’s able to speak with the elder Grimm just before he takes his last breath. Unfortunately, he was just about to give Nick the key before he passed, so he has no idea where it is (although it’s fairly obvious).

At the parking lot where Josh’s car is brought, all hell breaks loose when the jerk Weston almost runs Hank over with his SUV! He had brought along his pals who all want that trunk in the car. But with Nick and Trubel’s help, they’re able to take them down — but Weston manages to make his escape yet again.

Everyone reconvenes at Nick’s house, going through everything in the trunk in order to find the key, but they come up empty. After talking through what exactly happened in the hospital, they realize the key could be inside the cane that the Grimm was trying to get for Nick.

Sure enough, after the handle is taken off, the key is inside. Nick then puts  previous keys together to see what he has. And we’re one step closer to … God knows what? Rosealee utters those words, and nothing can be more true. What we do know is the Black Forest and Germany. 

Deceiving Image

While Nick and C. were busy with Josh and his father, Adalind’s been busy scheming. She plays innocent with Renard that nothing is going on, but in yet another quote that couldn’t be more true, he tells her: “If I didn’t know better, I’d be in love with you.”

Adalind does everything to continue with whatever she has been cooking up: She breaks into Nick and Rosealee’s house — and even knocks Renard with a vase after he catches her red-handed. 

So what’s she been doing? Up to no good, of course. She had stolen Juliet’s lingerie and some hair — and concocts some potion that turns her into Juliet! 

So when Monroe and Rosealee get married, there will be two Juliets. The previews indicate that fake Juliet will get Nick into bed with her, and this will have dire consequences. But it seems Trubel can see that Juliet is not who she seems. As if that’s not enough, Renard gets shot. 

It should be a great finale, likely with some cliffhangers.

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