The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party

Season 12, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 3/14/2017
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From FOX: When the burning, bruised body of an aspiring writer/director crash-lands onto a passing car, the team investigates a series of odd locations and characters that are connected to his film. Meanwhile, Bones seeks guidance from Dr. Mayer (guest star Betty White) on the meaning of passion in the work place and Booth allows Aubrey to take the reins on their current case.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Is Brennan Considering Leaving the Jeffersonian?

This episode of Bones is busy in its simplicity, yet well-paced and resplendent with pure poignancy. It feels wrong to say that Bones is winding down despite what our calendar tells us because the show is now and always has been (perhaps always will be) organic and dynamic. It is never ending, always changing and growing and beginning. "The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" is a well-designed microcosm of what Bones is known and loved for on that macrocosmic level. 
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