Are you going through a Bones withdrawal? Do you miss all your friends at the Jeffersonian and hopelessly wish you could get more stories from them? Well, we’ve got some suggestions for you. We know, nothing may ever compare to Bones again, but these four shows share some of Bones‘ best traits.

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1. Lucifer

Lucifer is only one season in, but it’s already so entertaining. While it’s not similar in premise at all (the show is about the devil moving to Los Angeles), the tone and dialogue are very similar to Bones. Also much like Bones, it has witty banter in spades. Every conversation keeps you engaged and guessing.

2. Elementary

In this different spin on the tales of Sherlock Holmes, modern-day Sherlock and Watson in New York City solve crimes. What reminds us of Bones in this show is the relationship between Watson (played by Lucy Liu) and Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and how it helps them solve mysteries. Watson is less of a sidekick and more of an equal, and more often than not, its a combination of both of their perspectives that leads to the truth. A lot like with Brennan and Booth.

3. In Plain Sight

If you love the gritty police work moments of Bones, you’ll definitely get into In Plain Sight. This miniseries follows Detective William Muncie on his quest to bring the notorious serial killer Peter Manuel to justice. It’s a fascinating story to keep up with and definitely a good one for cop show junkies.


NCIS is a great show for anyone who likes procedurals, but it’s especially recommendable for people who like their procedurals with a little bit of corniness. When a show’s subject matter can get dark, it’s great to have certain characters bring some lightheartedness to it. It’s also great to see these teams truly care for each other like family. This is something Bones did exceptionally well and NCIS continues to do. You care deeply for all of the characters and how they relate to one another in the midst of crime-solving.

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Can you think of more shows like Bones? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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Kartik Chainani

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