Remember forever ago when a bunch of avid Bones fans (a.k.a. Squint Squad 200) got together with FOX Broadcasting to produce an infographic enumerating all kinds of fascinating statistics about the first 200 episodes of our favorite crimedy? Well, in celebration of the final two-part conclusion of this mind-bending, record-breaking, heart-tugging series, the Bones Fairies are at it again, but with a little twist it took an entire production company to craft. 

In case you are wondering what it takes to produce 246 hours of disgusting and titillating prime time scripted entertainment, here it is from behind the scenes, Boneheads.

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Bones by the Numbers

It’s no secret that Bones has amassed tens of millions of fans over a dozen years, but do you have any idea how many original episode viewings that amounts to? Try somewhere around 3,198,000,000. Spelled out it sounds even more impressive: Three billion, one hundred ninety-eight million. Holy humeri, Batman. And that’s just first viewings by individuals. Can we figure out how many total viewings? Maybe doing some complicated Fermi equation, but let’s just say we could no more accurately count the stars in the Northern sky.

For your reading pleasure, Bones provides the following countdown including some behind the scenes facts:

  • 13 million is the number of Boneheads on social media
  • 76,000 is the number of Bones on the Jeffersonian set
  • 3,000 is the number of actors that have worked on Bones
  • 400 is the number of feet of intestine used by makeup effects artists
  • 370 is the number of dead bodies seen throughout the course of the series
  • 364 is the number of times the word “particulates” is mentioned
  • 310 is the number of gallons of decomposed body fluid used by makeup effects artists
  • 304 is the number of bone boxes in the bone room
  • 250 is the number of skeletons used by makeup effects artists
  • 246 is the number of Bones episodes
  • 165 is the number of gallons of silicone flesh used by makeup effects artists
  • 150 is the number of confessions from killers
  • 123 is the number of times bugs are seen or mentioned
  • 62 is the number of gallons of blood used by makeup effects artists
  • 15 is the number of “squinterns”
  • 6.8 is the number of days it would take to watch every episode back-to-back
  • 3 is the number of Bones crossovers
  • Bones is FOX’s longest running scripted-drama.

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What will fans do with their free time once Bones is no longer airing original episodes? Well, that’s what syndicated broadcasting, Netflix, DVDs, TiVo, Dish and whatever other mode of Bones delivery system you have on hand is for. There may never be another relationship like Booth and Brennan’s nor another show like Bones, but unless you plan to give up television altogether, you’re going to have to find some kind of substitute. What new romance-comedy crime/science show could you see yourself getting hooked-up with now?

Bones‘ two-part finale airs with “The Final Chapter: A Day in the Life” and “The Final Chapter: The End in the End” on consecutive Tuesdays, March 21 and 28 respectively at 9/8c on FOX. Want more news? Like our Facebook page.

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