It was a lively week on Grey’s Anatomy as one doc was reinstated, one was suspended and yet another was promoted. Viewers were reacquainted with the force of nature that is Catherine Avery and made the acquaintance of Maggie’s mom, Diane, who breezed into town for a visit. And the truth was finally (FINALLY!) revealed about how Alex dodged a bullet and avoided prison time.

Tanking The Case

Let’s cut right to it. I, unlike the Grey’s Anatomy writers, am not going to make you wait the better part of three months to learn how Alex Karev managed to end up at Meredith’s house instead of the clink. Fine. To be fair, we find out pretty much immediately in “None of Your Business” what went down at the D.A.’s office on that dark and stormy night. In a short flashback, it’s revealed that Alex was all set to take the plea deal being offered but had to wait for his lawyer to arrive. In the meantime, DeLuca (tipped off by Ben Warren that the deal was going down) rushed in to drop the charges. Alas, that was no longer his call to make. The state was prepared to win this “slam dunk” case. But DeLuca had an ace up his sleeve. He couldn’t drop the charges but he could refuse the testify against Karev. And just like that, Alex Karev was a free man. 

Back in the present day, Meredith is relieved but ticked at Alex for sleeping all day while she combed every jail and court in Seattle looking for him. In the end, however, relief trumps annoyance and Karev begins to plan his next move: getting his job back.

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Unleashing The Dragon

Miranda Bailey knows she is not doing well handling the Minnick transition. The attending surgeons are boycotting (again, just to be clear, not so much over what is happening but how it is being handled) and, to make matters worse, Catherine Avery roars into town and wastes no time in criticizing Miranda for how poorly things are going. When Miranda tells Meredith (who, like the others, is refusing to have Minnick come into her surgeries) to step in line, Dr. Grey refuses and Bailey is not having it. She tells Meredith to go home. She’s suspended. Yikes! Guess it doesn’t do you any good to have your name on the hospital. (Come to think of it, isn’t Meredith technically Miranda’s boss? Hmph.)

Anyway, Alex Karev, after crossing paths with Meredith at the house, speaks to Miranda (who hears the news about Karev and pretty much everything else via Ben) about getting his job back. After making him promise that he’s the Karev who “heals small children” and not the one who “beats people up,” Bailey takes him back. And, of course, much to her chargin, she’s barely gotten the words out of her mouth, when Alex questions why Meredith was suspended. But he knows better than to push the issue right then. 

I Want To Feel Beautiful Naked

“Ew, mom!” Yep. Maggie Pierce’s mom, Diane, showed up unannounced to visit her daughter and to have a consult with Jackson Avery, who she understands to be “the best.” Maggie is horrified in every way and I can’t say I blame her. Though the writing seems tilted to make Maggie to be the “bad daughter” in this episode, both she and Diane have a role in the epic misunderstanding that unfolds before our eyes. 

Maggie, still stung that her mother left her father (after cheating on him) and moved to Hawaii, is clearly mourning the loss of her childhood family and the person she knew her mother to be. To make matters worse, Diane not only introduces herself to Maggie’s colleagues (Arizona and Jackson) and crush (Nathan) but also to Maggie’s biological father (Richard) and half-sister (Meredith) without Maggie being a part of the meetings in any way. The good part is that everyone loves Diane (she did help Meredith fold laundry, put the kids to bed, and make lasagna, after all). The bad part is that, to me, it’s as if Diane doesn’t know her own daughter very well. Maggie is portrayed in this episode as childish and selfish and rude but, really, isn’t Diane the one who is being presumptuous, barging into Maggie’s new life completely without warning? Maggie is the sort of person who has thought a lot about how she would introduce Diane to Richard and Meredith and she was denied that. Plus, why does Diane need plastic surgery anyway?

Turns out, she doesn’t. Diane’s true purpose for consulting with Jackson is to have him check out a severe rash on her torso, which turns out to be inflammatory breast cancer. She backs out of telling Maggie about the devastating diagnosis after their big fight and heads back home to Hawaii after telling Maggie to let her know when she’s willing to share her life with Diane. Let me be clear. I feel badly for Diane’s situation, but seriously. That seems far from fair. Boundaries, people! Plus, to state the obvious, a few well-chosen sentences could have averted this needless drama. Speaking of which…

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Endless Drama

* Alex tries to apologize to Andrew for the whole mess and is firmly rebuked. Andrew makes it crystal clear that he’s helping Jo, not Alex.

* April is named Interim Chief of General Surgery while Meredith is suspended. Woah. Kepner!

* Eliza challenges Arizona. If she (Minnick) gets fired, they (Arizoza? Eliona?) could be a thing. But whatever. Minnick stalks off. 

* Owen gets to show off both his badass trauma surgeon skills and his inherent sweetness while caring for a patient who got caught up in rolls of razor wire (don’t ask). Later, he pleads will Amelia again (from outside her door) to come home but finally catches a flight to Zurich walks away, defeated.

* Jo (who becomes more annoying with each passing episode #NotSorry) is the last person on Planet Earth to find out that Alex didn’t go to jail. She comes to the house and hugs him then leaves without a word.

So what do you think? Will Jo choose Alex, Andrew or neither? How long will Meredith’s suspension last? And who’s going to win the power struggle at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? Hit the comments! 

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Memorable Moments and Quotes 

Meredith (to Alex, speaking for us all): “You can’t call? You can’t text?”

Meredith (to Eliza at the surgical board): “Oh! I get a star? What did I do? Play nicely with others?”

Stephanie: “Bailey took out Grey. Winter is coming!”

Ben (at Miranda’s lack of knowledge when it comes to hospital gossip): “Woman, are you blind?”

Meredith: “Go cut open some little kids. It’s been too long.

Alex: “Are we both ever gonna work at the same time again?”

Nathan (speculating on why the razor wire patient had a wall around her property): “Meth lab? Puppy mill? Think she’s a nudist?”

Meredith (on Diane): “Are you kidding? I’m in love with her. The woman’s incredible. I’m going to go binge-watch TV. Tell her she can move in!”

Jo (when Leah and Stephanie show up): “Why?”

Leah: “We have pizza and beer.”

Jo: “I have shows with swords and dragons and decapitation.”

Stephanie: “We also have gossip.”

Jo: “Come in…”

Owen (to Stephanie about Amelia): “Tell her I’m not going to wait forever.”

Moment I Loved: Alex, Maggie, and Meredith on the bed eating lasagna and being a family.

Moment I Loathed: The Jolex Hug of Doom #FreeKarev 

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