Someone from Brennan’s past is coming back to Bones in “The Grief and the Girl,” just after something happens that creates a rift between her and Booth.

According to FOX, “a recent loss creates a rift between Booth and Brennan, as they deal with their grief in different ways. Meanwhile, an old flame (guest star Eddie McClintock) from Brennan’s past comes to visit.”

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Here are the photos from the eighth episode of Bones season 12, “The Grief and the Girl.”

A Crime Scene

Bones 1208 1.jpg
Aubrey and Booth

Bones 1208 2.jpg
Aubrey and Booth Meet Guest Star Miranda Frigon

Bones 1208 3.jpg
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Looking for Answers

Bones 1208 4.jpg

Bones 1208 5.jpg

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(Images courtesy of FOX)