The Monster in the Closet

Season 11, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/28/2016
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From FOX: The Jeffersonian investigates the decomposing body of a social worker in the park, but evidence suggests the killer lived with the body for months before dumping it. Things get even more complicated when they determine another set of remains has similar details, which link the victims to a serial murderer who had sinister interactions with his victims‘ bodies. Booth and Aubrey consult with behavioral analyst Karen Delfs (guest star Sara Rue) to help with clues to the killer‘s identity, while Cam tries to determine what (and who) she wants in her romantic life.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Brennan and Booth Investigate a Homicidal Puppeteer

As I mentioned in my teaser article 9 Reasons Bones Fans Will Go Psycho for ‘The Monster in the Closet‘, this is by far the best of the first three episodes of the second half of Bones‘ 11th season. The creepy sets, the eerie and suspenseful soundtrack, and the jittery cinematography combine to provide a nail-biting intrigue of epic proportions. Speaking of brilliant, the best scene of all is of Special Agent Seeley Booth back in the lab putting his gut instincts and his common sense together to untangle the killer‘s intentions for his victims. (*Shiver*)
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