The Putter in the Rough

Season 10, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/16/2015
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From FOX: The Jeffersonian team unravels an unexpectedly competitive world of mini-golf as they try to piece together the murder of the sport‘s superstar. Meanwhile, Brennan is worried her father Max (guest star Ryan O‘Neal) is reverting to his criminal tendencies and "squintern" Wendell Bray (guest star Michael Grant Terry) enlists Hodgins to help him fix his girlfriend‘s family heirloom.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Max Risks Arrest to Retrieve a Precious Artifact

Bones is back with "The Putter in the Rough" which promises the return of one of my all-time favorite guest stars, the estimable Ryan O‘Neal, reprising his role as a reformed (?) criminal and Mrs. B‘s prodigal father, Max Keenan. It‘s been hinted that Max may be dipping his toes back into the river of naughtiness and/or is making efforts to reveal everything that happened back when he and his wife Christine had to abandon Brennan and Russ as teens. Does this mean he‘s going to clear his name? Remember, Booth told Brennan that Max was the most honorable criminal he ever met, so maybe there‘s a lot more to that story than any of us suspected. Perhaps tonight we will find out.
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