The Murder in the Middle East

Season 10, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 5/14/2015
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From FOX: When a powerful member of the Iranian parliament kidnaps Arastoo (guest star Pej Vahdat) to have him aid in a murder case, Booth and Cam head to Iran, and the rest of the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to help expose the killer. Meanwhile, Brennan learns the truth about Booth‘s growing gambling habit, and she turns to Aubrey for help to keep her and Christine safe from her husband‘s menacing bookie.

‘Bones‘ Recap: Do Brennan and Booth No Longer Love Each Other?

Wow. In answer to the headline‘s nasty question: Yes, Booth and Brennan still love each other just as much as they always have and that is why the events of "Murder in the Middle East" are so devastating. From start to finish, Bones‘ 19th episode was cinematographically wonderfully done. The episode‘s script, written by Co-executive Producer Michael Peterson, is concise, weaving together two splendidly crafted storylines. While we have known that the gambling arc is a long-running one, this episode was a particularly thorny proposition which has been handled incredibly well by Peterson, Boreanaz, Deschanel, Taylor, and guest star Pej Vahdat. Peterson‘s success with "Murder in the Middle East" bodes well for the future of the
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