The Corpse at the Convention

Season 10, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 10/30/2014
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From FOX: The Jeffersonian team attends a forensic science convention with Brennan delivering the keynote speech, only to discover the remains of a body in a stairwell at the convention. With numerous convention attendees offering help and their products, evidence points to Dr. Hodgins as a suspect and the team has to find a way to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Brennan runs into her publishing rival, Tess Brown (guest star Nora Dunn) and "squintern" Wendell Bray (guest start Michael Grant Terry) has news about his cancer diagnosis and returns to work with Jeffersonian team.

‘Bones‘ Recap: A Convention Turned Carnival of Hedonistic Pleasures

Where better to stage a murder and solve an impossible Bones crime than at a National Forensics Sciences Convention filled with hundreds of forensic anthropologists, right? Well, it would be if the majority of the attendees hadn‘t reduced themselves to fangirling over each and every member of the Jeffersonian team including Angela (You go, girl!). It sure makes for some great humor, and we can expect that Bones is going to deliver oodles of belly laughs for us this week in "The Corpse at the Convention." 
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