Colin Fisher

Colin Fisher

Played by Joel Moore

In the television series "Bones", Colin Fisher (Joel Moore) is a temporary lab assistant employed by the Washington D.C. based Jeffersonian Institute. Colin has a dark personality and a permanently pessimistic outlook on life. His comments often depress the other members of the team, including Dr. Camille Saroyen (Tamara Taylor), the team's supervisor. Outside of the Jeffersonian, Colin has worked for a suicide hotline, volunteered at a sperm bank, and enjoyed successful interactions with women. In the episode "The Princess and the Pear", he nearly lost his job with the Jeffersonian after sleeping with a suspect at a Medieval fantasy convention. When Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) decided she wanted a baby, Colin offered her his discounted sperm, but the offer was rejected.

Memorable Quotes:

"Is that a real thing or are you trying to be funny?... Cause that didn't sound real - at all."

"Wow. My kind of silver lining. It's depressing."