Welcome to Briarcliff

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 10/17/2012
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‘American Horror Story‘ Premiere Recap: Don‘t Honeymoon at Insane Asylums

American Horror Story: Asylum really is horrifying. Any show featuring Adam Levine is sure to frighten its viewers. In the casting director‘s defense, Levine‘s character (Leo) probably isn‘t that much of a stretch for the Maroon 5 singer. Leo has his pants off twice in the first scene alone. Not only does Leo nearly have sex with his new wife in the first scene, but he also receives a sexual act as his arm is ripped off. Welcome to Briarcliff Adam Levine.The newlywed‘s honeymoon is the current day horror at Briarcliff, while viewers get a look at what horror occurred in 1964 at the insane asylum. The show‘s look into the past helps viewers understand the terror unfolding in present day.
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