The team’s investigation into stolen weapons leads to Sam and Callen attending a charity event as Mosley’s personal security in this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, and they learn that the robbery is covering up something bigger.

Also in “Plain Sight,” Callen decides that since they’re now living at the beach, he and Sam should get “crazy fun” jet skis and ignores Sam’s dissent. But, hey, maybe if they do, Deeks can borrow one of them if he decides to head out to sea to get away from Mosley after he mistakenly takes her new Porsche out as his and Kensi’s replacement work vehicle while the Audi’s getting fixed.

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In Hetty news, Eric tracks her boat to Hawaii but hasn’t found any sign of her there. Callen suggests that maybe there’s nothing to find and it’s just that they can’t imagine quitting themselves. After all, look at Sam. He quit and he’s back. How long will it take for them to find out what she’s really doing?

Hey, That Guy Looks Familiar!

At the gate of LARH Round House Manufacturing, the security guard is suspicious when something seems off about a driver he knows, and he’s right to be. A guy pops up in the passenger seat and shoots the two men. However, the guard manages to shoot him before dying. And the guy’s partner, Tony, leaves his body with the other two and drives off with stolen weapons.

Eric tracks the truck to where Tony meets up with Byron Brown (from “Kulinda”). He resigned from the security company a week ago, and while Sam insists he’s a good man, Callen argues that he could have jumped to the dark side and Sam barely knows the guy. He may be right, especially since they track down Byron’s car and see him with Travis, a gun runner.

They track Byron and Travis to a charity shooting event, hosted by Livingston-Bradford, a company known mostly for supplying weapons around the world and a little bit for philanthropy. Oh, and they’re also rumored to be supplying weapons to both sides of the Western Sahara conflict. Could Byron and Travis be meeting the buyers for the weapons there?

Mosley secures an invite to the event and brings Sam and Callen as her security. Once there, they meet Charles and Sasha Livingston, along with William Bradford. Sasha informs them of an upcoming announcement — they’re donating money to the victims of the Western Sahara conflict — and something seems off enough about her that I’m pretty sure she’s involved in whatever’s going on. Bradford also tells them that they’re transitioning the focus of their company to philanthropy instead of weapons.

When Sam approaches Byron, Byron says all the right things, but it was like he was worried, Sam tells his partner. Something’s going on.

The Verdict is In on This Guy and It’s “Huh”

Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks track down Tony. He was just following Byron’s instructions, he tells them, and was just supposed to drive. No one was supposed to get hurt. He dropped the weapons off at a warehouse, where he’s supposed to meet the buyer. After they interrupt that meeting, they find nothing major on the buyer’s record. With all the weapons accounted for and no apparent connection to Byron or Travis, they’re missing something.

Where’s the truck? “Huh?” Tony tries to buy himself time to come up with a lie, but Kensi and Deeks aren’t falling for it. Byron was dumping it, he tells them. It’s a Round House truck, and that company just so happens to supply weapons to the event. Did Byron smuggle something into the event in the truck? Is someone at the event going to be the target of a kidnapping or assassination attempt?

Since they know Byron’s connected, Sam tracks him down, but Byron tells him he doesn’t have a choice before getting away. Callen finds the truck, two men dead and three empty sniper cases. One of the men tries to sneak up on him, but Callen shoots him. They still have two shooters to worry about.

But what did Byron mean when he said he doesn’t have a choice? Someone has leverage, and that can only be one thing: his family. Kensi and Deeks go to his house and see that his family is indeed being held but only by one man, whom they take out easily. Byron’s family is safe.

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It’s a Win for the Team

Eric has been looking into Livingston-Bradford and finds proof that they were supplying guns to the conflict. However, the team realizes that Bradford doesn’t know. He’s the one who wants to focus on philanthropy. If something happens to him, the Livingstons take control. And since they’re the ones who stand to lose money if they get out of the weapons business, it looks like they hired someone to take out their partner.

Sam finds Byron with a sniper rifle, but once he shows him a photo of his family safe, Byron surrenders his weapon. Callen tackles Bradford before he can be killed; Sam and Byron take out the other sniper; and Harley, posing as a weapons instructor at the event, shoots a third man in the crowd as he tries to kill Bradford.

It turns out that Sasha Livingston was behind it, upset at Bradford after she and her husband invested their lives in the company. Byron worked for her in Western Sahara, and now he realizes she had been too interested in details about his family. And this might be the most pleased that Mosley has been with the team after a case yet. After all, she tells Sam and Callen to go get a drink on her at an exclusive club to which she is a member.

What did you think of this NCIS: Los Angeles case? Was the twist about Mosley’s car too obvious? And are you ready for Hetty to come home already or at least for the team to find out what she’s up to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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