American Horror Story has wrapped for another year. There is no denying the twists and turns fans have gone through with American Horror Story: Cult. It was impossible to know who to trust, as even when the truth was told there was deceit. The season finale was especially strong. Here’s a look at why it was the best for the show so far.

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It Kept the Focus on Fear and Distrust

The main focus of American Horror Story: Cult hasn’t quite been the cult. Nor has it been the election, as we were told it would be. The focus has been on fear. Kai manipulated the fear of safety and life to gain the council seat. He used peoples’ fear of conspiracies and differences to convince them to do his bidding and die for him. This continued into the season fnale.

While many seasons have attempted to continue the initial theme into the finale, very few have accomplished it. Many answered questions and helped to wrap up storylines, but this season left fans on the edge of the seat. We didn’t know who to trust or which way the finale would go until the very end. Even then the subject of fear was still prevalent, as Oz feared Ally was going to join another cult like Kai’s.

Most seasons fans have been able to guess correctly who would make it to the end. American Horror Story: Cult had fans uncertain whether Kai’s cult would make it to the very end. They couldn’t decide whether Ally was strong enough to make it to the end or not. That in itself makes the season finale the strongest.

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It Answered Enough Questions

Most seasons of the show have left some questions unanswered. Asylum fans still wonder whether Charlotte Brown was really Anne Frank and what the deal was with the aliens. Murder House fans still question Constance’s fourth child. Many questions that came up in earlier episodes were never fully answered by the end.

That didn’t happen with Cult. While there were a couple of questions raised at the very end, the questions throughout the series were mostly answered. We learned why Kai started the cult in the first place, how he chose his members, why Beverly chose to join and how Ally changed her personality so much. It felt more like a season finale than so many other seasons. Even smaller questions like why the police didn’t charge Beverly were neatly answered.

The lingering questions raised were more to facilitate discussion in the way any season finale would. There’s the chance to meet Ally, Beverly and Oz again, in the same way there’s a chance to see Cordelia from Coven and Michael from Murder House. The finale left fans feeling fulfilled, instead of scratching their heads for explanations.

Do you think American Horror Story: Cult was the best season finale so far? Why did you love or hate it? Share in the comments below.

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