American Horror Story: Cult ends its season with this episode, titled “Great Again.” Across 11 gripping episodes, fans watched as the cult grew, nobody knew who to trust and more questions than answers were raised. One of the biggest questions going into the episode was, who would live to the very end out of the main characters? Could Ally remain calm and bring down the cult for good or would Kai constantly remain one step ahead of everyone?

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Kai in Jail

Anyone who tunes in just minutes late may be surprised to find Kai in jail getting beaten by a couple of inmates. The American Horror Story: Cult finale begins 11 months after Winter’s death in the previous episode. As one of the inmates strangles Kai, the other stabs the first inmate in the back of the head. Kai has started his cult again from inside the prison, and he kills the inmate who saved him to tie up a loose end.

Shortly after, the growth of Kai’s cult is clearly visible in the yard, as he’s surrounded by men, when new guy Trevor enters the middle of the group. Kai isn’t impressed with his cowardly act that got him put in prison, but Kai is willing to give him a chance with the pinky game. Trevor promises to follow Kai and not question everything, which means he gets Kai and the cult’s full protection.

Ally Attempts to Move On

A flashback 11 months earlier shows fans that it was definitely Ally who informed the police about the cult. However, this wasn’t quite her decision to make. While Kai is in prison, Beverly wants to get some answers from Ally. Did she kill Ivy (that’s the only murder Kai isn’t owning up to) and what made her turn against the cult? When in the psychiatric ward, the FBI visited Ally. They hoped she could get information about the cult and offered her an immunity deal if she did.

Beverly needs to know why she was spared, despite being arrested. The police refused to believe that Beverly was an active member of the cult, as a black woman surrounded by white supremacists. Ally also told police that she’d never actually seen Beverly kill anyone, which was definitely not a lie.

Towards the end of the conversation, Ally introduces her new girlfriend and then invites Beverly to Oz’s birthday party. At the party, interviews that Ally is turning down is brought up, with a quick mention to Asylum‘s Lana Winters. A phone call from Kai makes Ally fear for her life, so she decides to take action.

Rather than sit in fear, she chooses to run for Senator of Michigan. She uses the story of the cult to gain sympathetic voters, but she’s trailing in the polls partially due to fear of her lack of experience. There’s hope that an upcoming debate will help to turn voters in her favor.

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Kai Escapes Jail

When he realizes that Ally is running for Senator, Kai creates his plan to escape jail. He uses Trevor, who has now had his head shaved and gained matching tattoos to Kai, as a look-alike. After killing Trevor, Kai mutilates his face with the help of the guard, making it appear to others that Kai is dead. He then walks straight out of the prison wearing a guard uniform.

During Ally’s debate for Senator, Kai steps up to ask a question. He takes a gun off the prison guard who helped him escape and gets on stage. After shouting at Ally and telling her she will never win, he pulls the trigger. The clip is empty. It turns out Ally had managed to convince the prison guard that Kai would only look out for himself and she decided to stay on Ally’s side.

Beverly has a gun with a bullet. From behind, she shoots Kai in the head.

Ally wins the election. That night, she tucks Oz into bed and tells him that she has a meeting with a group of influential people. Oz worries that Ally is getting pulled into another cult, but she promises her son that that is definitely not the case. At the very end, Ally does her makeup and pulls a dark hood over her head, reminiscent of the SCUD cloaks from earlier on American Horror Story: Cult.

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